SAT-7 Shares Good News in Latest Annual Report

The Lord continues to bless the ministry of SAT-7 as it reaches beyond borders & into the homes where sharing the Gospel face-to-face is difficult.

NICOSIA, CYPRUS – SAT-7, the Christian media ministry to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), recently published its annual report for 2019. SAT-7 continues to reach beyond borders and into the homes of people in countries where sharing the Gospel face-to-face is difficult at best.

Photo by Staff Sgt. JoAnn S. Makinano / United States Air Force, Wikimedia

“SAT-7 broadcasts … through four channels in three languages to 25 countries. Over such a large region, differences in culture, dialects, politics, social norms, and economic conditions mean viewers’ needs vary from place to place. In response, each channel produces programming uniquely tailored to its audience.”

Political unrest in the regions served by SAT-7 presented challenges for the FBO’s social media channels during the past year. Television broadcasts and Audience Relations personnel continues uninterrupted despite social media blackouts during anti-government protests.

For example, a viewer in Iran asked for prayer. “We are experiencing a great deal of suffering. Only God can hear our cries. I am grateful for you. We feel so alone, but when I receive your messages, I am overjoyed that there is someone who asks about me and sends me God’s Word.”

During the past year,

  • SAT-7 TÜRK received more than 1,000 prayer requests and experienced a 150% growth in YouTube video views.
  • SAT-7 PARS saw a 144% growth in Facebook video views from people in Iran and engaged in almost 18,000 messages on digital apps. The channel began a series of programs focused on freedom of religion and human rights.
  • SAT-7 ARABIC received 35 million Facebook video views and another 40 million on YouTube. Locally-produced programs targeted viewers in Algeria, Kurdistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon.
  • SAT-7 KIDS witnessed a 48% growth in phone calls to the channel. One program, in particular, Puzzle, reached more than 23,000 viewers per episode.

As the world continues to be challenged by the coronavirus pandemic, SAT-7 is making every effort to ensure live programs continue.

SAT-7 CEO, Rita El-Mounayer, emphasized the need to pray.

“Together we continue to walk by faith not by sight to contribute to a growing Church and the creation of a peaceful and thriving Middle East and North Africa, that we always look to our Lord for strength and encouragement, remembering that nothing can separate us from Him and that through Him all things are possible.”

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