Several Churches Were Affected by the Fires in Chile

Churches and parsonages in Chile have been completely destroyed, but they find hope in faith and solidarity in the reconstruction.

CHILE — In the midst of the most devastating fires in Chile’s recorded history, with hundreds of fatalities and thousands of hectares consumed, the Christian community is facing an unprecedented situation. Churches and parsonages in Chile have been completely destroyed, but they find hope in faith and solidarity in the reconstruction.

Chile Faces the Most Devastating Fires on Record. It Has Even Been Classified as the Second Most Lethal Disaster in the 21st Century. There Are 165 Active Fires, Over 25 Thousand Hectares Consumed in Six Regions of the Country, with the City of Valparaíso Being One of the Most Affected.

More than 15 Thousand Homes Completely Burned, Thousands of Affected People, 370 Missing, and Hundreds Dead.

The Christian Community in Chile Has Also Been Affected. So Far, Over 10 Churches Have Been Burned, and Hundreds of Brethren Have Been Affected.

Pastor Gonzalo RamírezAssemblies of God Church in Viña del Mar:

“Eight families from our church suffered total loss, affected, starting with the pastor. They left, as they say, with only the clothes on their backs and providentially escaped the flames. The evacuation routes, the streets were full of cars. Many people died in their cars because they started to crash due to the traffic jams, and the flames were everywhere, brother. It was something one sees in movies. Fire from above, below, from the sides, fireballs falling, there were explosions. It was surreal.”

Various Ministries Are Already Providing Aid. In the Olivar Sector, in Viña del Mar, Pastor Rodolfo Torres Opened the Doors of His Home, Which Is Completely Destroyed by the Flames, to Share His Testimony.

Pastor Rodolfo Torres:

“We know that God always does things with purpose, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love Him.”

From the National Association of Bishops and Pastors of Chile, Pastor Lino Céspedes Mánquez, Director of ANOP Chile, Shares the List of Churches and Parsonages Consumed by the Flames.

Lino CéspedesNational Association of Bishops and Pastors:

“At least 15 pastors have sent us a list where they report that both the church and the parsonage of Christian churches of various denominations have been completely destroyed by the flames. A situation of proportions never seen before in the Valparaíso region.”

Facing Over 160 Fires, Chile Unites in the Fight Against Devastation. With Faith in Christ as a Beacon, the Christian Community Resists and Inspires Hope in the Reconstruction.

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