Slavic Gospel Group Seizes COVID Opportunity

Slavic Gospel Association: Covid pandemic in Eastern Europe & Asia, the greatest opportunity for the proclamation of the Gospel since Berlin Wall came down.

LOVES PARK, IL – Fear of the COVID pandemic has literally paralyzed much of the world. But God has not given followers of Christ a spirit of fear, “but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) That is why the Slavic Gospel Association views the pandemic in Eastern Europe and Asia as “the greatest opportunity for the proclamation of the Gospel since the Berlin Wall came down.”

Founded in 1934, the Slavic Gospel Association partners with the Union of Evangelical and Baptist Churches to serve more than 6,300 churches located within the former Soviet Union.

Since the inception of SGA’s ‘Christ Over Corona’ campaign, its affiliated churches have provided more than 750,000 meals to families who already suffered from hunger and isolation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Feeding the hungry, loving the isolated, and sharing the Gospel are things that SGA’s field partners already do. The pandemic has intensified the need, but it has also increased the passion of the evangelical churches to fulfill their mission.

“We have an infrastructure that we have established in those countries that provides all the accountability as well as the supply chain facilities. So, we are able to get the resources out to people pretty quickly. Those church workers have such compassion in their countries, and they meet these people at their point of need. And many of these people [they are reaching out to] are at the end of their ropes.”

Lest we take “at the end of their ropes” as merely a colloquial expression, in many cases, the volunteers from the churches are reaching people who are either contemplating suicide or on the brink of starvation. Not surprisingly, these people are looking for more than food. They are looking for the hope that is the overarching reason for SGA’s ministry – a sure and steadfast hope that can be found only in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In addition to distributing meals and the Gospel to people whom they already know are in need, the churches obtain lists from local authorities of additional people and families in need.

A pastor affiliated with SGA told a reporter from The Christian Post that “as a result of the aid, many are coming to Christ.” He is preparing to baptize 15 new believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord as a result of the opportunity afforded by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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