Solar Powered Poles Bring Light of the Gospel to Ghana Communities

The launch of a multipurpose solar pole in Ghana provided residents with electricity & power of the Gospel thanks to Theovision International

GHANA — Theovision International has launched its first solar multi-purpose pole at Akurakese in the Eastern Region of Ghana enabling this media ministry to broadcast the word of God into this deprived community that has no access to electricity.

Just like Akurakese, there are many communities in Ghana that do not have access to light or electricity and they resort to torch lights and lanterns at night for their activities. As a result, most of the inhabitants develop eye problems. These communities also become very dangerous at night for the locals to move around. In some cases, students who are preparing for final exams have to stay away from the village in order to have light to study at all times.

In response Theovision came up with the idea of developing a solar powered pole that can broadcast the Gospel to the community but at the same time also provide light and a charging system to charge their phones.

The launch of a multipurpose solar powered pole in Akurakese in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has not only provided residents with vital electricity but also the power of the word of God thanks to Christian media ministry Theovision International.

The charity’s Project Manager is Philip Asare

We at Theovision go into different communities to set up Bible listening groups. In 2020 the pandemic hit and there was lockdown and we couldn’t go out. So we decided how can we still meet the needs of people by sending the Gospel to them without us going into the community. So we cam up with this idea of a multipurpose pole. It provides light. It provides a charging system. And also it provides as avenue for us to communicate to the community from wherever we are. So we use that technology to also play the audio Bible right here from Accra to the village.

Asare says impact in the community has been remarkable.

You have a lot of the indigens in the community excited because now they have an avenue to hear God speak to them in their mother tongue. And the good is not just that, as we provide light to their soul they also have light in the community in darkness. And there’s a lot of testimonies of kids coming together to listen to the Bible, listen to content in their mother tongue and also have an avenue to study.

Asare concluded by sharing the vision to expand this project.

We want to set up one hundred of these poles in different communities where there’s no light and they need the Gospel. So we want to create an avenue, a network of these poles broadcasting the Gospel to the people in the communities.

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