South Sudan Farmers Have No Food in Midst of Civil War


Photo by Oxfam East Africa

South Sudan has been in a civil war for three years. This has caused an economic crisis and has caused a lack of farming, meaning they had no food to feed their families with or sale in the markets.

Per Fox News, “South Sudan’s three-year civil war and economic crisis has disrupted farming so much that famine has been declared in two counties and threatens to spread. Millions of people are going hungry and thousands are at risk of starvation, say aid officials.”

This instability and lack of food has caused many to flee the nation of Sudan.

Chicago Tribune reports, “The combination of instability and sever food insecurity has caused thousands of people to flee their homes and they are unable to grow their own food, according to aid organizations. In 2013 Unity state’s traditional produced 26,000 ton of cereals which by 2016 had dropped to 9,000 tons, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization.”

About 2.4 million people across the country are facing an emergency of food insecurity. 1.6 million are refugees because of war or hunger, or both.

ReliefWeb explains, “They are among 2.4 million people across the country officially classified as facing a ‘crisis’ or ‘emergency’ of food insecurity, according to Fewsnet, the global body mandated to monitor such situations. Of those, 1.6 million are displaced from their homes either because of the war, or the hunger that followed, or both.”

The ICRC distributed to seeds and tools for people in Unity state. Their goal is to give seeds for crops to 54,000 people.

Fox News states, “This week, the ICRC distributed seeds and tools to 30,000 people in Leer and the surrounding areas. The aim is to provide 54,000 individuals in Unity State with seeds for okra, maize and kodra grain as well as axes and hoes, so they can grow their own crops, and nets to catch some fish.”

The Civil War started in the world’s youngest country three years ago, after months of political tension ended up in a gun fight.

Per ReliefWeb, “South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, was thrown back into war on 15 December 2013, when months of political tensions erupted into a gun fight between rival factions of the presidential guard.”

Samaritan’s Purse is helping share Christ’s hope with the people of South Sudan by taking care of their physical and spiritual well-being.

Samaritan’s Purse reports, “Samaritan’s Purse is providing emergency food and clean water for people in South Sudan who have been internally displaced by an ongoing conflict within the country, and we continue to provide emergency aid to refugees who have fled violence in the Nuba Mountains and other parts of Sudan.”

Pray for an end to the Civil War in South Sudan. Pray for more people to get seeds they can use to farm. Pray for more people in South Sudan to come to know Christ’s hope.

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