St. Mark’s Coptic Church Bombed



By Athanasius 77

In December, just a few weeks before Christmas, a Coptic Church in Cairo was bombed. At first, the authorities had no idea who was responsible for the attacks.

According to Fox News, “The Islamic State [ISIS] claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed 25 people. They also alleged that the bomber had actually killed and injured 80 people, while vowing ‘to continue war against apostates.’”

The bombing was at St. Mark’s Cathedral in the section where the women and children were at. Another militant group in Egypt has condemned the attack on St. Mark’s.

CNN records, “‘Our prophet had taught us even while we fight not to kill a child nor woman nor old person nor worshiper in his place of worship,’” the Harakat Sawa’d Misr, or Hasam Movement, said in a statement on its Facebook page.”

The current government under el-Sissi has promised to protect Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

U.S. News and World Report explains that the situation for Christians in Egypt has not gotten much better than in the previous administration.

The church bombing has brought many questions and much anger from both the Coptic and Muslim communities.

According to Open Doors USA, “‘Hearts and minds are bleeding for the loss of so many innocent lives snuffed out in such a brutal act. Anger mingles with the burning question in the hearts of many Christians and even Muslims: WHY?’”

Please pray for Egypt’s Coptic Christians, that they would be bold. Also, pray for good to come out of this tragedy.

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