The Opportunity of a Lifetime?

“God has created each person with immense worth, and human trafficking is a direct contradiction to God’s purpose for human life.”

WILLS POINT, TX – Several years ago, a friend of mine invited me to lunch. He wanted to talk to me about the opportunity of a lifetime. Essentially, the idea boiled down to working alongside him in a sure-fire, money-making business.

We would be mentored by two others who had already become independently wealthy. They would show us how to replicate what they had done so that we could enjoy the same lifestyle to which they had become accustomed.

He drew some diagrams and shared some analytics on a napkin, and, I must say, the figures were impressive. I asked for some time to think it over.

Fast forward to today. I want to present to you a totally different business opportunity. The proposition is hypothetical.  I’m not making a real offer, but the facts are real. Just see what it looks like to you, before you learn the incredible reveal beneath the surface.

Here’s the facts:

  • The product is growing in demand. In fact, demand is literally driving the industry.
  • The profits are exceptionally high. Boasting an average net profit over 70 percent, it is one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
  • The average annual return on investment fluctuates between 300 and 500 percent.
  • Very few people are aware of the industry or the opportunity.
  • The business is relatively risk-free.
  • Economic globalization is opening more doors for this opportunity. As long as the idea of globalization expands, this opportunity will grow with it.
  • The global market is more than $150 billion per year.
  • There is no record of anyone in this business declaring bankruptcy.
  • You don’t need a college education to qualify.
  • There are no taxes on the products or the profits.
  • Turnover of inventory is brisk by any comparison.
  • Investors are unlikely to find a better deal.

What’s the reveal behind the facts?

We are talking about the global industry of human trafficking and why unscrupulous and corrupt individuals around the globe are getting in on the game.

The purveyors of trafficked persons are getting filthy rich. The captains of governments turn a blind eye, often because their state’s economies are prospering from using forced labor. In other cases, they may be involved in a shady coalition with traffickers who willingly pay bribes as a small cost of doing business.

Human trafficking is despicable, and we need to understand how the lust for money and power corrupt whatever moral compass its purveyors may have once had. Money is usually the driving factor behind human trafficking. Billions of dollars are being harvested by industries and governments who effectively imprison and force men, women, and children into servitude.

“God has created each person with immense worth, and human trafficking is a direct contradiction to God’s purpose for human life.”

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