What Does Life Look Like for a Christian in Afghanistan?

Baset, describes the famine and soaring prices affecting everyone and the dangers for anyone suspected of being a Christian in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN — Baset, a SAT-7 viewer in Afghanistan sent this profoundly moving message describing both the famine and soaring prices affecting everyone in his country and the dangers for anyone suspected of leaving the country’s major religion.


Our lives have changed in Afghanistan. My name is Baset and I am a teacher. But my income no longer covers my expenses. The famine here has reached a new level of intensity. Food prices are extremely high. The price of flour has tripled and for oil it has doubled. I can barely afford a bag of rice. People are struggling to earn enough money to live.

Many of those who had government income no longer have it. Hordes of people have emigrated to other countries. And it’s not just because of finances. Girls can no longer attend the school beyond the sixth grade. Work and travel are extremely limited. We are constantly watched. We can’t be freely active online. Especially on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

As Christians we are exposed to security threats and must remain in hiding. But my wife, children and I are focusing on things beyond these challenges. We are always praying. Our Heavenly Father has protected us and we have peace in our hearts. My only hope is in the true and living God.

My brothers and sisters, please remember Afghan Christians. Pray for us both spiritually and physically. All things are in his powerful hands. In the name of Jesus, amen, amen, amen.

About SAT-7

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