Wildfires in Canadian Province


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In early July, a wildfire in the Canadian province of British Colombia started. A state of emergency was declared northeast of Vancouver.

NPR writes in an article published on July 18, “Since the fires broke out northeast of Vancouver nearly two weeks ago, officials have declared a state of emergency in the province and evacuated the entire city of Williams Lake, which has a population of more than 10,000.”

Australia was planning on sending 50 firefighters to help with fighting the fire.

ABC reports, “Australia is sending 50 firefighters and Canada is deploying military aircraft to battle rapidly spreading wildfires in British Columbia that have forced 39,000 people in the Canadian province from their homes.” As of July 18, about 45,000 people were displaced.

CBC explains, “The total number of people displaced by the fires is now estimated at 45,806, according to Robert Turner, deputy minister for Emergency Management B.C.”

Those who are fighting the fire have requested help from the Canadian military.

Per NPR, “In addition to the more than 3,000 fire personnel now fighting these fires, authorities have also requested the help of the military.

Those who were from Australia hoped to give the British firefighters time off. ABC reports, “‘It is a little bit daunting, but I will be working alongside Australia’s very best incident management teams and hopefully we will be in a position to allow the Canadians to take some time off,’ Mr Letheby said.”

The number of people affected was reaching close to the 2003 record.

CBC explains, “The number of evacuations is now approaching the record set in 2003, when 50,000 people were forced out of their homes by a wildfire near Kelowna.”

The fire in British Colombia came a little over a year from when a massive fire in Alberta, Canada broke out, evacuating more than 80,000 people.

Per NPR, “The fires raging through British Columbia come a little more than a year after a massive blaze ravaged the oil-rich town of Fort McMurray, in the neighboring province of Alberta. That fire forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 people before it was finally declared under control last July.”

The Red Cross Canada has an appeal to help the people of British Colombia by providing aid to them. They are looking for donations to help.

The Red Cross states, “Your donation will help provide immediate relief such as cots, blankets, family reunification and financial assistance for food, clothing and personal needs. Beyond meeting immediate needs, your donation may also help re-entry and go towards more long-term recovery, resiliency and preparedness.”

Pray for an end to the fires in British Colombia. Pray also for people to be comforted. Last of all, pray for more people to come to know Christ’s hope.

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