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The leaders at World Thrust International believe that no church is too small, no church too big to be actively involved in world missions

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – The leaders at World Thrust International believe that no church is too small, nor is any church too big to be actively involved in world missions.

Unfortunately, some churches think they are too small. Others think they are too big. This may be due to a philosophy of ministry adopted by some local churches, large and small, in which global outreach and evangelization are primarily viewed as “programs” rather than the mission of the church.

That’s why World Thrust’s purpose is to serve pastors and church leaders in ways that enable them to “mobilize their church toward a more effective involvement in the evangelization of the world.”

Since its founding in 1984, World Thrust International has presented its Winning Strategies Seminar in more than 30 countries.

Granted, seminars are a dime a dozen. When a seminar demonstrates itself to be catalytic, it will generate a transformational outcome. And, when evangelism and global outreach become more than programs in a local church, those churches experience dramatic change. This is especially true when the thrust is not only to transform one church but also to motivate that church to help to transform other churches that are energized to transform even more churches.

Sowing the Seed

The pastor of a church on the island of Barbados experienced a Winning Strategies Seminar. As a result, three more seminars were conducted: one in Barbados, one in Guyana, and another in Trinidad & Tobago. The impact of those three seminars reached eight other Caribbean nations and as far away as Estonia. This is just one example of the passion that is generated through World Thrust Ministries’ Winning Strategies Seminars.

Bearing the Fruit

Additional insights can be seen as churches experience significant increases in missions by supporting and sending missionaries from churches influenced by World Thrust.

  • One church experienced a 650% growth in missions giving from $44,000 to $330,000 during the five years following a Winning Strategies Seminar.
  • Another church began supporting one missionary following its onsite seminar. Fifteen years later, that same church was supporting 110 missionaries.

Reaping the Rewards

Pastors don’t want a shot in the arm for their churches. They want results that indicate that the Lord is building his church. The testimony of Dr. Charles Stanley, renowned Christian author, speaker, and former pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, sums up the efficacy of World Thrust Ministries.

The principles taught at the World Thrust seminar work! When we implemented them at our church, it produced a new spirit of faith and commitment. Lives and resources have become available, and we are reaching out to the unreached around the world as never before. The joy and blessings that have come as a result of our obedience to the Great Commission are hard to contain.

Learn more about World Thrust and how its ministry can help to transform your church to become active in supporting and sending missionaries to places where the Good News has yet to be heard.

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