Britfield Institute Launches National Campaign: Literacy in a Box

The Britfield Institute's mission is to transform education throughout America, inspire literacy, equip children with the tools to succeed
Photo by Britfield Institute, Facebook

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA — The Britfield Institute’s mission is to transform education throughout America, inspire literacy, equip children with the tools to succeed, and bring creativity back into classrooms.

Photo by Britfield Institute, Facebook

America is engulfed in an educational crisis, with more than 30% of enrolled students did not return to school this fall. National literacy scores have drastically dropped since 2011 (ranked #13: PISA 2019). Creativity scores have consistently declined for twenty years. The emergence of AI threatens the job market where previously taught skills are becoming obsolete.

However, the Britfield Institute has launched a national campaign: “Literacy in a Box.” Working with Title-1 schools and underprivileged demographics, Britfield is helping to improve education and inspire student’s creativity, literacy and learning. The Institute is providing life-changing experiences for children and teachers by offering virtual writing, creativity, and entrepreneur workshops; mentoring programs and essential resources. With its cosponsored educational tour, the Britfield Institute has already had massive impact by traveling through 18 states and presenting at over 150 schools to more than 25,000 students.

With the growing importance of creativity, America has a limited number of individuals who are capable of finding and implementing solutions to problems our nation faces today as literacy and creativity scores continue to decline. The Britfield Institute was established to reverse these trends by providing engaging virtual courses that help students to excel as they discover their own unique gifts and abilities. Often marginalized based on their socio-economic status, these students will receive fresh learning opportunities and individualized attention in reading, writing and entrepreneurship.

While creativity is the #1 most important skill required in 2020 (PRCA), it is not being taught or fostered in our schools. The national economy will continue to decline unless our education is taken seriously, literacy is promoted, and creativity is implemented in our entire educational system. This is why the Britfield Institute has undertaken a national mission to help underprivileged students by providing them opportunities of a lifetime. Creativity is the most powerful competitive advantage a child can have.

Discussion/Article Topics

  • How this crisis will transform education and businesses
  • Why creativity is the most important skill in the world
  • Britfield’s impact on literacy, creativity and education
  • The Homeschool Revolution

About the Britfield Institute

The Britfield Institute is a non-profit, committed to bringing creativity into the classroom, promoting literacy, and fostering a child’s imagination. Impacting all demographics, we provide students, teachers, educators and schools the opportunity to read and write with passion while inspiring critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

CONTACT: Chad Stewart, Managing Director, 858-436-5667,

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