Challenges and Triumphs of Christians on the ancient Silk Road

A journey along the ancient Silk Road. Moving stories of individuals who faces challenges, as they choose to convert to Christianity.

CENTRAL ASIA — A journey along the ancient Silk Road in Central Asia. Experience the rich culture and traditions that define Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, while maintaining a balance between ethnic diversity and the unity fostered by their authoritarian regimes, Muslim traditions, and strong family bonds. Immerse yourself in the moving stories of individuals who must leave their lives as they know them, facing social and familial challenges to deny Jesus, as they choose to convert to Christianity.

The region is characterized by hospitality, vibrant culture and impressive natural landscapes. But ethnically diverse states remain united by authoritarian regimes, Muslim traditions and solid family structures. The most important thing here is the family and when they take a decision about their life, you have to follow the path drawn by them.

Taa/ayCristiano de origen musulmán:

One day we learned that a relative had become a Christian, and my father, as the head of the family, said, “We will never speak to them again.”

Throughout history, the expansion of Islamism and the implementation of the Soviet command dissolved the presence of Christians in Central Asia. Even today, with the existence of some Christian churches in the region, Christianity remains a strange concept for the natives, and the pressure to deny Jesus is very strong between the community and the members of the family.


It is extremely difficult to have to leave behind all your life, all your connections, And yet you are being mistreated, persecuted, unemployed, with no one by your side. It’s not easy.

In addition to the family, the authorities and the neighbors of the place suspect the Christians. They are compared to the Western rebels who want to ruin the country and the political system.


In some countries in the region, Christians are afraid of being arrested. They are afraid of the government itself. In other places, Christians fear the reaction of the community.

It is very difficult for the local Christians. Despite the persecution, there is a massive upheaval in the region. Acting in secret, the number of Christians went from practically zero to more than 330,000 in just 30 years.

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