Pastor Helps Syrians During Decade of Civil War

10 years of civil war in Syria made life harder for persecuted Christians - Open Doors has been standing with believers & helping rebuild

SYRIA — This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first demonstrations that sparked the Syrian Civil War. In that time, the Christian population decreased from two million in 2010 to under 700,000 today. Ten years of civil war in Syria have made life much harder for persecuted Christians – but Open Doors has been helping stand with believers and helping them rebuild. Open Doors partner Pastor Abdalla has helped countless lives through his church in Aleppo.

The war in Syria started in 2011. As others around him began to flee the country a recently ordained pastor called Abdalla was unexpectedly put in charge of the Alliance Church in Aleppo. He was married with a daughter called Camilia aged six and son Joseph who was three years old. By 2012 displaced people fleeing the war and seeking safety started to arrive at Pastor Abdalla’s church. But for the next few years the battle of Aleppo intensified resulting in mass destruction and huge loss of life in the city.

There was no electricity, running fresh water, food was scarce and hope was fading. Many decided to leave the country. And Pastor Abdalla’s church once a thriving group of adult leaders dwindled from just over 60 to just 11.

During periods of intense bombardment Abdalla and his family resorted to hiding in the bathroom – the safest place in their home. A bomb fell on his daughter’s school. Four children were killed. As Abdalla’s church, supported by Open Doors began to distribute food and emergency relief at the height of the crisis his church was helping 2,200 households each month.

Since 2017 Open Doors established centres of hope in partnership with the local church. Throughout Syria their church partners helped to set up small businesses giving those who have lost jobs a way to make money for their families. Today the Centre of Hope at the Alliance Church continues to provide food aid, hygiene kits, medical aid, friend support, discipleship groups, activities for children and youth ministries.

“I believe that we should be the same as our Lord Jesus Christ. Offering a better way of life for people spiritually and also practically.” Pastor Abdalla.

About Open Doors UK

Open Doors is a non-denominational mission that supports persecuted Christians in over 70 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed. In their work, they provide vital support, training, and resources to those facing persecution or discrimination.

Resources that they provide include distributing Bibles and literature, running leadership training, assisting with socio-economic development and intercessory prayer. They also help victims of violence and disaster, including widows and orphans, with practical support such as relief aid, livelihood support, and community development projects.

Their vision is of a world in which every Christian who is persecuted is remembered and supported by other Christians. They pray for a world where there is no persecution.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Pastor Helps Syrians During Decade of Civil War

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