Revisiting Syrian Widow Jina

In 2019, Open Doors visited Jina, a widow whose husband Rober had been kidnapped by extremists early in the civil war in Syria.

SYRIA — In 2019, Open Doors visited Jina, whose husband Rober had been kidnapped by extremists early in the Syrian civil war. Jina has been raising their son, Apo, alone since then – but she continues to be supported by Open Doors.

In 2019 Open Doors visited Jina, whose husband Rober had been kidnapped by extremists early in the civil war. So many years have now passed that the authorities officially recognize Jina as a widow.

“We still don’t know about him. It’s been ten years and we haven’t heard of him. Nothing. My son looks at the picture and cries. I ask him why he’s crying and he says, ‘When will my dad come back? They all have fathers and mothers and I only have a mother. I don’t have a father.’

“I always tell my son to thank God for everything. It’s good that I can look out for you, take care of you. I can take care of you and I get you whatever you want.”

Jina and Abraham known as Apo continue to be supported by the Centre of Hope in Aleppo when Apo can channel his energy into activities like basketball and football. The centre also arranged manicure training for Jina in a beauty salon.

“A lot of things have changed in my life since the last time you came here. The organization helped me a lot to find this work. I love make-up. I have loved make-up ever since I was a child. Now whenever I see one of my friends I say, ‘Come let me do your make-up.’ Now I’m doing their make-up and practicing, thanks to the organization. I was to develop my skills to make this an income source. You know how expensive it is nowadays, everything is expensive. For me and my son to be able to survive and live decently.”

Jina is very grateful to those who’ve given her support – and she asks that it won’t stop now.

“I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I pray that God gives them good fortune for the rest of their lives. And I pray that God opens new doors to them to keep helping us. We still need their support. Do you know why? Because first of all widows, how would they live? Some who lost their husbands others who have a disabled kid or who can’t work because of illness. Without a doubt we still want the support. Thank God that the bombs have stopped in Syria, but you don’t know what can happen. The situation is not yet secure.”

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