Rural Pastors Equipped to Impact Ghana’s Most Remote Communities

While many rural pastors in remote villages across Ghana have no access to training resources, many also are not able to read and write

GHANA — While many rural pastors in remote villages across Ghana have no access to training resources, many also face the challenges of not being able to read and write. In response Theovision International has partnered with the Moody Bible Institute to provide a unique oral Bible training school.

During their latest graduation many of their students shared the impact this will have on their community outreaches.

Over the past four years Theovision International in partnership with Moody Bible Institute in Chicago has trained and graduated 1,400 pastors in remote communities in Ghana.

In the cities there are Bible schools and seminaries which are actually targeting the readers. Unfortunately there are many ministers in small towns and villages who are not trained, but have congregations they are pastoring. This became a need. Theovision needed to find a way to reach the street preachers and pastors who couldn’t read or write with the training, in a way that will enable them to do their work better.

Seth OwusuStudent:

“This school has made the fulfillment of the Great Commission Jesus gave us so easy and equally accessible to us believers. Now I can also preach with boldness because of the training I’ve had from the school.”

Naomi SekyibeaStudent:

“I’ve gained great knowledge since I started. I’ve also been able to fellowship with a lot of people. Because when we gather to listen to God’s Word. They can testify that I have some sort of training so they want to learn more.”

Daniel LarbiStudent:

“Moody School of the Bible is a great program because if you don’t know how to read or write, you can still participate. I encourage everyone to join this program.”

“This has helped improve how I teach during Bible studies. Any time I stand before the congregation to preach I see they are happier now. They understand the Word more.”

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