As Wells Dry Up Across India, Gospel for Asia Issues Call to Prayer


WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA) is calling on the world to pray for those experiencing a drought, aggravated by rising temperatures. More than 300 million are affected.

The Indian government has noted that nearly a quarter of the country, more than 250 districts, are facing drought conditions. People are dying and schools are being shut down because of the unbearable conditions.

“Our heartfelt prayers go out to those suffering without water. We desperately need to see the Lord’s intervention to help these precious people in their time of need,” said K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia (GFA). “The government is moving quickly to assist, but this drought requires the prayers and assistance of all who can help.”

In addition to a shortage of potable water, many farmers are unable to grow crops because of the drought, prompting terrible food shortages. In several areas, the government has moved to restrict crowds from gathering around water sources in an effort to keep law and order.

The government is providing water through 2,000 tanker trucks, but many of those unable to access water at all are drinking from contaminated sources, leading to the spread of disease.

Workers supported by Gospel for Asia (GFA) will supply 72,000 liters of water per day throughout the month to 12 villages in one District of Maharashtra and one-month rations for 1,000 families in the area. In March, workers drilled two Jesus Wells to supply water to drought-stricken villagers.

“We go to far places to collect water. But when we reach there, we have to wait in long queues and often this waiting will end up in quarrels and fights,” said one villager. “Today, our problem is solved and I have no words to convey my gratitude.”

In 2015, workers supported by Gospel for Asia (GFA) installed more than 6,000 Jesus Well throughout Asia.

“We are asking prayer for God’s grace and mercy upon the drought-affected families,” said Yohannan. “Pray also that God would help our brothers and sisters to be a light in the middle of this situation and that He would fill their hearts with faith to believe that He will meet all of their needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

GOSPEL FOR ASIA has – for more than 30 years – provided humanitarian assistance and spiritual hope to millions across Asia, especially among those who have yet to hear the Good News. Last year, this included more than 75,000 sponsored children, free medical services for more than 180,000 people, 6,000 wells drilled, 11,000 water filters installed, Christmas presents for more than 400,000 needy families, and spiritual teaching available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry.

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