What Role Do Churches Play in the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Latin America?

LATIN AMERICA — Domestic violence is a widespread problem in the region, and evangelical churches are actively working to combat it in their communities. Many ministries in Latin America are carrying out initiatives and programs to prevent it, as well as to support the victims

Domestic violence is a serious problem in many Latin American countries, where women are victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of their partners or ex-partners.

In Colombia, one in three women has suffered sexual or physical violence by their partner or ex-partner.

In Mexico, around 66% of women over the age of 15 have suffered gender violence at some point in their lives. Many evangelical churches in the region are actively working to prevent domestic violence and support victims in their communities.

In Puerto Rico, Pastor Rey Matos of the Uno Church comments on how his ministry addresses this issue.

Pastor Rey MatosUno Church:

In this phase of the wedding where they are already announcing their commitment, we started with a course to prepare them for the marriage, whose content has to do with an analysis of their family backgrounds to try to identify if there is a pattern of this indolence. And in that way, give them tools and help them go through an internal health process, and that they understand that domestic violence is a learned attitude, and that this could happen again in the next generation, unless we take preventive measures.

Matos adds that when they have a case of reincidence, what they recommend is that the aggressor be tried in court. They consider that this discipline can make the aggressor react and protect the victim.

For its part, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the Ministry of the Pastor Roy Santos focuses on the prevention of violence since childhood.

Roy SantosHonduras:

We focus on the formation of our children, looking for the transformation of their lives, logically looking for God.We teach parents an example life in the home so that this becomes a foundation, so that this child can imitate and can really grow in a healthier life and that he can have a different home.

In all cases, evangelical churches are working to prevent domestic violence and provide support to victims. Congregations are showing that they can play a positive role in the fight against domestic violence in Latin America.

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