Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North Discusses How Veterans View Today’s America

In ‘On the Edge with Ken Harrison’

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Ken Harrison is joined by best-selling author, political commentator, and TV host Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) on the latest episode of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison.” Together they discuss the mental health crisis among active duty armed forces and veterans, living with post-traumatic stress, and the importance of depoliticizing our military.

Highlights of the interview include (edited for clarity):

North explains how his faith has aided his mental health journey:

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North discusses the mental health crisis among active duty armed forces & veterans living with post-traumatic stress“I’m post-traumatic stress enabled, not disabled. In large part, it’s because my faith tells me where I’m going and I know why I’m going there. People ask how I can be so optimistic given all that is going on and what I have endured. I tell them it’s because I know the end of the story that I have great confidence. The most important day of Jesus’ entire ministry is after he’s been crucified. It’s horrific what he endured, but resurrection is what we’re all about. I ask the Lord that I can be an example to others as to how a Christian man ought to behave, not just talk, but behave. As a marine, we love missions and my mission today is to show my eighteen grandkids how a Christian husband, father, grandfather, brother, and son is supposed to behave.”

North’s book Veterans’ Lament: Is This the America Our Heroes Fought For?

“My and David Goetsch’s book is a remarkable coverage of what veterans are thinking about what’s going on in our country. Together we interviewed over 500 veterans. We realized there are parents who are just now talking to their kids about what we consider legacy enlistments and recruitments. A legacy recruitment or enlistment means that they looked at somebody who had served before them, a dad, an uncle, a teacher, a coach, and said, ‘I want to be like him or her.’ What is threatened is the continuity from generation to generation by having a sense that what I fought for is no longer the way I thought it was then and to a certain extent, they’re absolutely right. There are things happening in our country today that are worrisome to our veterans. They look at the America they’ve fought for and wonder why we are in the concerning place that we are.”

North’s vision looking forward:

“More than ever we need to encourage the spiritual relationship with our Lord and Savior, which I believe is crucial to marriage, raising kids, and the many things that you and I do all over the country. It is necessary for us to return to the spiritual roots of this country for us to move forward and claim the America our heroes fought for.”

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