A Million Bibles for Cuba

HAVANA – Reports indicate that people are coming to Christ in Cuba in numbers rarely seen before. Lest we think that this is happening because of improved relationships between Cuba and the United States, we must remember that ministries from other countries have been working in Cuba for many years. The awakening that is happening is because of individuals entering into a relationship with Christ.

The truth is that groups like the American Bible Society have been working to distribute Bibles in Cuba with ministry partners who have had access.

According to the New Zealand Bible Society, the church in Cuba has been growing at a rapid rate. “The problem is, there aren’t enough Bibles to go around, particularly for new believers.”

The Bible Commision of Cuba, an affiliate of the United Bible Societies, is the only entity in Cuba that is allowed to distribute Bibles. With help from other Bible societies and ministries like Revival Fires, the Bible Commission is beginning to catch up with the need. The Commision estimates that 40% if believers in Cuba do not have access to a Bible which is essential for their spiritual growth.

The American Bible Society began a campaign in 2017 called the “Million Bible Mission.” The Commission was able to secure government approval from the Department of Religious Affairs to import a million new Bibles to the island nation over a period of three years.

For sure, the cultural changes in Cuba since the demise of the Fidel Castro regime have made the country more open to the preaching of the Gospel.

The Million Bible Mission targets five distinct audiences:

  • School children
  • Teens and college-age
  • Prisoners,
  • New adult believers
  • Pastors and seminary students

One might wonder why pastors need Bibles. The reality is that many pastors have to borrow Bibles from which to study and teach.

Since Spanish is the predominant language, no translation work is required. Because Cuba has a 100% literacy rate, the people are not only anxious but also able to read the Bible.

Statistics indicate that the number of evangelical Christians has tripled in the last 10 years. How does that happen when there are not enough Bibles? A contributing factor is that Cuba, which once was an atheist state where Christianity was illegal, is now a secular state where discrimination against Christians is illegal.

However, the underlying reason for the spread of the Gospel and the rising number of new believers is the testimony of those who already know Jesus and have been faithful witnesses as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Former idol worshippers have been disposing of their powerless icons as they recognize Jesus Christ as the only Way because of the lives and testimonies of those who have already committed their ways to Him.

Add the need in Cuba to your prayer list.

“It’s still an atmosphere that’s not necessarily open to the Word. But these believers in many of these cities are meeting together, and their lives are being changed, and that’s what’s demonstrating to others who might not have, maybe, the courage, if you will, to openly accept the Lord or receive the Lord, to see that the changed life is the testimony.”


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