Brexit to Include Close Relationship with EU


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Brexit, which is Britain splitting from the European Union, will include a close relationship with the EU.

Per BBC, “The UK will withdraw from the single market and seek a new customs arrangement and a free trade agreement with the EU.”

Immigrants are worried they will be deported from Britain because of the new Brexit Plan.

CNN reports, “Pressed in the House of Commons by opposition Labour spokesman Keir Starmer, Davis said EU nationals would not be forced to leave the UK. ‘I am not going to be throwing people out of Britain and for him to suggest that is outrageous,’ he said.”

Britain made a whole plan called the White Paper, underlining the policies behind Brexit and Britain’s plans for the relationship to the EU and other nations.

Fox News explains, “Davis spoke as the government published a 75-page White Paper, a document laying out some details of its goals and strategy in divorce negotiations.”

There has been some fear that Northern Ireland will not be able to keep its current borders, with Ireland being part of the United Kingdom.

Per CNN, “However, there are doubts that the UK could maintain an open border with an EU member state — and the white paper acknowledges the doubts, saying only that the government ‘aims’ to maintain the current arrangements.”

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Please pray for Parliament as they work through the final details of Brexit. Pray for London City Mission, that many would come to know Christ’s hope through them.

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