What Christian Leaders are Saying about Gospel for Asia

David Mains and KP Yohannan standing in David's office in October, 1980.

Gospel for Asia (GFA World) is a nonprofit founded in 1979 committed to serving “the least of these” in Asia. GFA supports national field workers who in turn bring the love of Christ to those living in rural and under-served areas. Whether it’s providing the opportunity for a brighter future for a child in Asia through their Bridge of Hope program or giving away a sewing machine to help a family generate income, GFA has stood by its mission to transform communities through the love of Christ, one individual at a time.

After serving in ministry for nearly 40 years, Gospel for Asia (GFA) has had the opportunity to make an impact both overseas and at home. Here’s what Christian leaders are saying about Gospel for Asia (GFA) and it’s founder KP Yohannan:

KP Yohannan says his life was hugely impacted by George Verwer, beginning 40+ years ago serving with Operation Mobilization in India.

George Verwer

Founder of Operation Mobilization, author, and an advocate for evangelism and missions:

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is not a movement but a phenomenon. GFA has become one of the most significant mission organizations of this century.

I praise God for the great love and commitment of K.P. and Gisela Yohannan for the people of Asia. Millions have received the Word of God because of them and the ministry of Gospel for Asia (GFA).

Ajith Fernando

Teaching director and former national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka, author of over 15 books, and a minister to underprivileged urban communities:

I am grateful for the training that Gospel for Asia (GFA) has given to many evangelists who are effectively reaping the ripe harvest fields of Sri Lanka.

Barbara Dowling

Sales manager at 93.7 Faith FM (CJTW-FM), a Canadian radio station, broadcasting in Kitchener, Ontario.

[On my trip], I learned that the far reaching effect of GFA’s work in South Asia is beyond what I imagined. … I really saw God’s hands and feet in the GFA missionaries. I learned that this is an extremely well-run ministry to God’s glory. … You can see God’s blessing on the ministry with much fruit of labor and finances to enable the work on the ground.

I heard firsthand about lives changed in young missionary men and women and in children’s lives and their families’.

I saw the gifts of bikes and sewing machines used to change lives for people.

I was touched by the overriding image of Jesus’ love for the people glowing from the missionaries in each ministry we visited. I felt myself responding to the people I met with God’s love flowing through me in a new and meaningful way.

I was impacted greatly seeing the surrendering of people to Christ to do His work. Seeing God’s work in people’s lives reminded me what He can do in my own life with a fully surrendered heart.

David Mains and KP Yohannan standing in David’s office in October, 1980.

Dr. David Mains

Founder of Mainstay Ministries and considered by many to be the “pastor to pastors,” Mains also has more than two decades of experience in media and broadcast ministry:

For half my life I have known and worked closely with Dr. K.P. Yohannan … that’s over four decades.

I have seen his understanding of the Christian faith expand in ever so many positive ways. More recently, I have watched him respond humbly to the criticisms of those who for whatever reasons have attacked him.

I believe 100% in his integrity and am honored to serve as one of GFA’s Board of Directors.

Paul Louis Cole, D. TH

President of Christian Men’s Network, Cole is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker. His travels have taken him to more than 60 countries:

Dr. K.P. Yohannan is a missionary statesman, a pastor to pastors, a mission leader to mission leaders, and a father to the fatherless.

Palmer Holt

President of InChrist Communications, a national, full-service communications agency primarily serving faith-based organizations, churches, businesses and individuals seeking to reach the Christian market.

Years ago I came across Gospel for Asia (GFA) and quickly realized they were the only large-scale international ministry I knew of that operated like the First Century Church. They were humble, devout, pious, going to the poorest of the poor, willing to suffer life-threatening persecution, and doing works like those recorded in the Book of Acts — preaching the Word with signs and wonders following (deliverance from demonic oppression, healings, miracles, raising from the dead), making disciples and then sending those out. Because of this, I felt the Lord told me to offer my services for free, which they lovingly accepted. Still walking with GFA today because the heart of this ministry and its work haven’t changed. They are still doing the works of Jesus among the least of these, to the glory of God and fulfillment of His Kingdom.

Everett Flight

Pastor to a thriving church in Ontario, Flight’s dedication to the Word has brought him to multiple countries in Europe and Asia:

I am deeply moved by the heart and passion of this ministry’s personnel, from K.P. Yohannan to the Canadian office leadership… This ministry will inform, challenge and stir your people concerning the vast needs in worldwide missions.

Jeff Lutes

President and founder of International Harvesters for Christ, Canada

I traveled to South Asia and discovered Gospel for Asia (GFA) has been uniquely raised up ‘for such a time as this.’ Only God’s sovereign power could explain how ‘earthen vessels’ make such a dramatic difference. …

The faces of shining students receiving love reflect the dynamic difference the Holy Spirit makes. An elderly man was jumping for joy because of the dignity restored to him in empowering him to provide for himself. A single mother enabled to support her family was teaching 15 other women a trade. Clean water in Jesus’ name is a marvel! I could go on and on to speak of the amazing Bible schools and the remarkable changes occurring. Suffice it to say, spending time with Brother K.P. personally reiterated to me that it is all so simple: God loves Asia, and He demonstrates it every day through GFA.

Shawna Rodgers

Rodgers is an assistant pastor of River Valley Wesleyan Church

[Revolution in World Missions] is standard reading for our missions committee and anyone interested in overseas work. Yohannan continues to challenge existing paradigms of ministry and leads us to enlarge our worldview, which includes supporting national missionaries.

Francis Chan

Pastor and author of “Crazy Love”

K.P. has been a mentor to me for years. The way that he speaks to God and about Him is different from anyone else I know. His words and actions have led to me loving Jesus more consistently and deeply. He is the first to admit shortcomings in his life, but he continues to be an example to me. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Atwood

Dean for International Affairs for the Anglican Church in North America and Bishop of the International Diocese

Having been personally involved in missions in dozens of countries for decades, I can say that what God is doing through KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia (GFA) is a move of God. I have seen the work on the field firsthand, and how finances are handled; it was the most comprehensive accounting I’ve encountered. I’ve also worked closely with GFA’s leader and can personally attest that this is not only a remarkable ministry that is being used by God, it is operated with the most professional integrity imaginable.

Pastor Chip Lusko

Calvary Chapel pastor

I have known Brother K.P., the staff and ministry of Gospel for Asia (GFA) for nearly 40 years. I know the leadership, the team, and more importantly, I have been to Asia and seen the work firsthand. I have been to Bridge of Hope centers, villages where they minister to those with leprosy, water projects, hospitals, churches and so much more. Gospel for Asia (GFA) has had a phenomenal impact on an area of the world with tremendous needs. I cannot state too strongly how much I endorse the people of GFA, their mission and their vision for the future.

Dan Wooding

Founder of ASSIST News Services and host of “Front Page Radio”

I have had the privilege of going . . . to South Asia and was deeply moved by meeting with many GFA missionaries and pastors there. I was particularly inspired by seeing Jesus Wells outside the churches and also visiting the Bridge of Hope children centers, both of which are doing such a fine work in helping the Dalits.

Patrick Johnstone

Author of six editions of Operation World

Gospel for Asia (GFA) has become one of the more significant pioneer missionary agencies with a good accountability structure. . . . They are doing an excellent job.

Pastor David Cartwright

Russell Memorial United Methodist Church

GFA is an invaluable partner to the local church for the work of the Gospel. They have richly blessed my congregation and have been a source of blessing in my pastoral ministry.

Jason and Melanie from Texas

GFA donors since 2006

It’s a gift to [us] to be able to sow into this ministry. It’s been everything to us. It’s a blessing for us to be able to [give].

Pastor Steve Marquez

I have always known Gospel for Asia (GFA) as powerful prayer warriors and a group of humble people who seek to know Christ and make Him known.

Pastor Charlie Avila

Clovis Christian Center, Fresno, California

“Our church has faithfully supported Gospel for Asia (GFA) for twenty-two years because we strongly believe that they are one of God’s choice ministries for winning lost souls and discipling believers in Asia. We have planted numerous churches through this ministry. We endorse and support this ministry without reservation.”

Rev. Johnnie Moore


KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia (GFA) have profoundly impacted my life. As they always have been, they are on the very frontlines impacting millions of lives and doing it with the care and expertise of those who actually live among those they serve.”

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