Iraqi Troops Fighting to Take Back Mosul


Photo by Tasnim News

In February, Iraqi troops were working to clean Mosul of ISIS so refugees could return home.

Per CNN, “The commander of Iraq’s Federal Police has said ISIS militant in Western Mosul are looking to cut and run from their defense of the group’s last remaining stronghold in the country.”

Their goal in this attack was to claim the Mosul airport and other key areas.

International Business Times reports, “Iraqi government police units are reportedly taking a northward charge on Mosul districts, which are situated west of the Tigris river, aiming to seize the Mosul airport, just south of the city, statements from the armed forces joint command said.”

While the Iraqi forces are advancing in the city, ISIS forces are fleeing the city out of fear and confusion.

CNN states, “‘The terrorist organization Daesh (is) living in a state of shock, confusion and defeat, and its fighters are fighting in isolated group,” Jaudat said, using an acronym for ISIS.

Not only were the Iraqi forces looking to regain Mosul, but they also claimed more villages close by.

International Business Times explains, “The units captured several villages and reached Zakrutiya, that is 5km (3 miles) south of the airport by the end of Sunday (19 February). Along the way, they also seized a power distribution station and killed many militants, including snipers.”

A month before this battle, Iraqi forces took east Mosul back.

Per CNN, “Iraqi forces retook the eastern part of Mosul from ISIS a month ago, completing a key phase in the effort to retake Iraq’s second-largest city from the terror group. Jaudat said government artillery was targeting remaining ‘terrorist dens’ in the western half of the city.”

ISIS troops left behind items including instant coffee as well as car bombs, which were detonated by Iraqi special forces.

International Business Times explains, “According to the BBC, special forces units detonated IS car bombs safely even as they cleared south Mosul villages. The jihadists also reportedly left behind SIM cards, weapons, instant coffee and clothes as they fled.”

Christian Aid Mission works in Iraqi refugee camps to bring the hope of Christ to those who have no hope. Many times, it looks like teaching people to forgive the ISIS terrorist who forced them to flee.

Christian Aid Mission explains, “His team of Iraqi missionaries has encountered many women who suffered similar atrocities among the displaced. In the course of sharing the message of Christ’s forgiveness, team members have taught many abused women about the need to forgive, and that the healing process begins with forgiving those who harmed them, he said.”

Pray for Iraqi forces to continue to advance. Pray for many people in refugee camps to learn to forgive their enemies. Pray for ISIS forces to come to know the Lord.

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