School Bus Crash in Tanzania

Photo by Fanny Schertzer

A school bus that was filled with children going to another village in order to take an exam crashed off the edge of a steep hill as it was traveling.

Per CNN, “A school bus full of students swerved off a steep road in Tanzania on Saturday morning and fell into a ravine, killing 36 people — 33 of them children, authorities said.”

The Tanzanian government agreed to pay for the entire costs for the over 30 children killed in the accident.

Africa News explains, “The Tanzanian government has disclosed that it will be taking the full expenses of burial arrangements for the over thirty school children who perished in an accident on Saturday.”

President John Maguguli called the incident a tragedy.

The New York Times reports, “In a statement, President John Magufuli described the accident as a ‘national tragedy.’”

Those investigating the incident couldn’t figure out what had happened, whether it was a mechanical error or if the driver was new.

CNN states, “‘Mkumbo added investigators were still trying to determine exactly what caused the bus to leave the road. ‘We don’t know if the driver was new or if there was a mechanical defect,’ he said.”

The government promised to improve roads to make road accidents less frequent.

Africanews reports, “‘The government will improve road infrastructure to lessen road accidents,’” she told the crowd. Family members and friends of victims were seen in a sorrowful mood with most shedding tears as the bodies of the deceased arrived.’”

The students were ages 12 and 13. The accident happened on their way to visit another school.

The New York Times explains, “The students killed in the accident, age 12 and 13, were on their way to visit another school.”

It was raining when the bus accident happened.

CNN states, “‘The place where it happened is a hill, with a steep slope, and it was raining when the accident happened,’ Aruba Police Commander Charles Mkumbo said.”

The legislature donated tens of thousands of dollars to go to families affected by the disaster

Per Africanews, “The country’s legislature has announced a donation of 100 million shillings ($44,700) to families of the victims. Each of the bereaved families according to an official shall be given 1 million shillings ($450) out of the total donations.”

CMF works in Tanzania to strengthen the church and train up national missionaries who can best reach their people with Christ’s hope. They also take care of the physical needs of the people.

CMF explains, “The Good News is not good news until it resonates in the care of physical needs in a person’s life. CMF team members meet basic healthcare needs through established clinics, mobile clinics, immunizations, CHE programs, care during droughts and famine and HIV/AIDS education and programs as a means of sharing the love of Jesus.”

Pray for more people in Tanzania to know Christ’s hope. Pray for the church to take care of the physical and spiritual needs of the people. Pray for the government to keep its promise for better roads.

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