Jubal Band’s Message to Iran: Jesus is the ADHA in the Injeel

Jubal Band Ministries
Photo by Jubal Band Ministries, Facebook

CYPRUS – When Jubal Band Ministries began in 2007, the concept was of a musical group producing online Christian worship videos. The group consisted of persecuted Iranian Christians living in Turkey.

Photo by Jubal Band Ministries, Facebook


By 2010, Jubal Band had added radio and television broadcasts in cooperation with existing Christian-owned networks and channels.

2013 was highlighted by the founding of the Smyrna Church in Izmir, Turkey, with a grand total of four members. The church now meets in two different locations with a combined attendance of more than 300.

2016 marked a major milestone with the initial publication of the monthly 52-page Smyrna Magazine compiled specifically for speakers of Iran’s native Farsi language. The magazine is quietly distributed to and through underground churches inside Iran. It has also been a useful tool for starting additional underground churches.

His Story

One of the reasons the Lord has been able to use Jubal Band Ministries so effectively is the unique ability that native Iranians have to introduce fellow Muslims to Christ.

They explain that Jesus is the ADHA in the Injeel!

The Quran contains the story of Abraham and his son on Mount Moriah. The problem is that the oldest copies of the Quran don’t identify which son Abraham took with him.

Scripture explains that God intervened as Abraham was about to obey and sacrifice his son, Isaac. He did so by providing a better offering (ADHA) for the required sacrifice. It was a lamb. Jehovah spoke of a better offering yet to come that would make redemption available to all people. That Good News is the Injeel.

Jesus is the promised redeemer (ADHA).
His story, the New Testament is the Injeel

The Lord told Abraham that his seed would bless many nations. In other words, Jehovah promised that He would send someone who would be the perfect redemptive offering for our sins and make available the blessing of eternal life for all who would receive His Son’s sacrifice.

Muslim tradition – not the Quran – mistakenly teaches that Abraham took Ishmael up the mountain. If that were true, then the Lord would bless the world through a descendant of Ishmael. Yet, they have not seen a Savior arise and pay the debt for their sins.

When the Iranian people realize that the promise was to come through Isaac and that the promised one – the ADHA – is Jesus, many of them understand and gladly receive the Injeel (the Good News).

This is a simplified explanation. We encourage you to invest a little time to learn more.

Jubal Band Ministries is not the only mission introducing the Muslims to Jesus as the ADHA, but they are using it successfully because the Muslims already know the story. Only when they learn the truth about Jesus, however, does His story make sense to them.

It will take less than 15 minutes of your time to watch the following video that will further explain the Jubal Band Ministries and the ADHA in the Injeel.

Perhaps you will also learn how to better present Jesus to your Muslim friends.

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