At Least 8 Dead as Storm Hits Cape Town


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South Africa was hit by a bad drought.

Per BBC, “In May, the Western Cape province declared a drought disaster after two reservoirs had completely dried up. It was said to have been the region’s worst drought in more than a century.”

In the beginning of June though, a bad storm hit Cape Town. There were evacuations of people, because of strong winds and wildfires that broke out. At least 8 people were killed.

Fox News reports, “A storm pummeled the coastline around the South African city of Cape Town on Wednesday, unleashing heavy rains as well as high winds that fanned fires and forced evacuations of some residents. At least eight people were killed.”

The schools in Cape Town were closed and the government told the residents to stay inside until emergency relief could get to them.

The Huffington Post explains what the government states, “‘While our rescue agencies are well equipped and prepared to handle disasters, we strongly advise people to stay off the roads and remain indoors. It is imperative that all measures are taken to avoid harm or loss of life. The work of the emergency rescue services will be made easier if the roads are clear of unnecessary traffic.’”

The storm was known as the worst winter storm for 30 year.

Per BBC, “It is the worst winter storm for 30 years, according to the South African Weather Service, while local media have dubbed it ‘the mother of all storms’.”

Four people died because of a fire caused by lightning.

Fox News reports, “In Cape Town and surrounding areas, storm victims included four people who died in a fire caused by lightning, three who died in another fire and one who was killed when a home collapsed, disaster management officials said.”

The strong winds and lightning combined caused massive blackouts due to downed power lines.

The Huffington Post explains, “EWN reported that a tree fell on a block of flats in Plumstead but no injuries were reported. Power cables and trees have been uprooted in various parts of the city.”

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Muizenberg seeks to share Christ’s hope with the nations, by providing training for young adults to the elderly.

YWAM states, “We not only desire to gather many nations in one location, but we seek to see these people equipped to go out into all nations to reach the lost. In line with this, we run various training schools as well as many ministries that you can take part in.”

Pray for those still recovering from the storm in Cape Town. Pray for those going through YWAM Muizenberg.

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