Reaching Kids Around the World for Jesus

There could hardly be a cause that would enlist nearly all people than reaching kids around the world. We all care about children.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – There could hardly be a cause that would enlist nearly all people than reaching kids around the world. That’s why pictures of children, whether they are laughing or crying, are so prolific on NGO websites. We all care about children. We want to comfort, protect, and encourage them. And save them from the pain this world brings upon so many of them.

Now, if you were going to start an FBO that’s all about reaching kids around the world, what would you name it? That’s a question that Jim Rosene had to answer in 1994 when, as the associate pastor of an Evangelical church in Illinois, a vision blossomed in his heart. He named it “Kids Around the World.”

Kids Around the World (KATW) is not only different than most FBOs, but it is also unique. The Kids Around the World website self-describes the ministry as “a catalyst, designed and destined to serve the mission-success of our field partners at ground level.”

The organization always works in collaboration with other agencies in a manner that ensures the efficiency of resources and maximizes efficacy to promote “spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being to suffering children and their communities around the world . . . with God’s transforming hope through food, play, and story.”

KATW uses a three-element approach through OneMeal, KIDStory, and Playgrounds to meet their goal to impact four million children by 2020. They use these components to engage children in environments where they can be nurtured.

Four million children by 2020? KATW is almost at the finish line for achieving their first vision. So, how have they been doing since 1994? The Lord has blessed the ministry with astounding results. Kids Around the World has . . .

  • built nearly 900 playground projects in underserved towns and villages in developing countries.
  • trained 27,000 people to reach and teach the children who come to the playgrounds and other centers.
  • shipped 31.2 million specially-developed, highly-nutritional meal packs for the kids and their families.
  • impacted 85.3 million children in 64 countries

Every part of Kids Around the World is centered on introducing the children and their families to the love of Jesus. In fact, just a few days ago, the ministry shared the story of two children and their family in a South Asian community. The sisters have faithfully attended a KIDStory Club for about six years. Along the way, those girls trusted in the Lord and have developed a deep faith in Him. Through the influence of their daughters and the care of the KATW workers, both of the parents have left their pagan worship and rituals and are now also faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

The story is being repeated over and over again to the glory of God. Pray for the Kids Around the World (and all the kids around the world). Pray that the Gospel message will be presented, received, and that their lives will be transformed.

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Sources: Kids Around the World, Official Website

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