TeachBeyond brings hope to war-torn Central African Republic

Photo from TeachBeyond

After years of civil strife between Muslims and Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR), TeachBeyond is bringing stability for children even as reports of sexual abuse by peacekeepers gain more attention. Families of more than 100 minors have registered complaints about the U.N. Peacekeepers.

“We must face the fact that a number of troops sent to protect people instead acted with hearts of darkness,” U.N. spokesman Setphane Dujarric said.

CAR has suffered years of turmoil after a predominantly Muslim militia, Seleka, overthrew a previous president. A Christian militia called anti-Balaka fought Seleka for three years in a conflict that displaced one million people from their homes.

The nation has since elected a Christian president, who in turn has appointed a Christian prime minister. The new administration must address the collateral damage of war, which left CAR with 2.5 million people facing food insecurity, according to the World Food Programme. The stability of this new government has facilitated TeachBeyond’s ministry to offer transformational education to children and adults.

“This is something only God’s Holy Spirit can do,” said TeachBeyond President George Durance. “He brings the new birth.

“We have the privilege to communicate that, to facilitate that, to be His Messengers of the hope of  the Gospel.”

Pray for peace and stability in the Central African Republic and the ministry of TeachBeyond.

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