Special Needs Center Continues in Ukraine Despite Military Attacks

A special needs centered supported by the Christian charity Mercy Projects continues in Ukraine despite military attacks

KONOTOP, UKRAINE — The town of Konotop in the North East Sumy region of Ukraine close to the Russian border has been badly hit by attacks. However a special needs children’s center there supported by Christian charity Mercy Projects is continuing their daily lessons for the many children who have found this place to be a lifeline for them. Their Director Lena Yuschenko explains why it’s so vital to help the children continue their daily activities there.

Despite their town in North East Ukraine coming under constant attack from Russian troops, the team at the Christian-run Hearts of Love special needs center is continuing their activities for the children who depend on their support more than ever before.

Sadly the sound of air raid sirens in Konotop has often become a daily occurrence and all they can do is gather in the corridor and pray for God’s protection.

The center’s director is Lena Yuschenko.

Because we work with children with autism it’s very important for them to keep their routine as they are used to and staying at home is very stressful and so we decided to continue working as we did before the war.

And Lena is urging prayers for urgently needed medical supplies for the children which is getting harder to access.

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About Mercy Projects

Mercy Projects (mercyprojects.org) is a faith based agency committed to child and family development domestically and internationally. They work with at-risk young people to provide for basic needs as well as better education opportunities. Their focus is on the younger generation, the two million “children at risk” living in the former Soviet Union regions who need assistance to become healthy well adjusted adults. They identify those at risk and design support programs together with church and ministry partners to assist young people in their development. They currently are working in: Ukraine, Kosovo, Russia, Armenia, & our own backyard (Riverside County, CA).

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