Australian Churches Invite Christians Worldwide to Pray Daily

QUEENSLAND – David Maegraith interviews Wayne Alcorn, the National President of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) and the Senior Minister of City Church, Queensland, Australia about the national Call to Prayer.

“The national call to prayer is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve been in Christian leadership now for nearly 40 years and I’ve never seen so many leaders so many churches of different styles and traditions and sizes all agree on this one thing we have to pray.

It really started as a conversation between a few friends just a few days ago really when we begin to realise the enormity of this challenge for the human race and for our nation and we begin to take up the challenge of the church being the church and we begin to say what if our group and then your group and your denomination and our denomination began to pray together what would happen what could it look like if we actually sparked a national and now it seems a global revolution of prayer.

We actually could be part of the world’s biggest prayer meeting and so just to give people something that helps them remind themselves to pray we are fighting covid-19 so we said why don’t you stop at 1900 hours at 7 p.m. in every time zone and pray we suggest stop at 1900 turn off your television turn off YouTube and pray.

Pray as an individual prayers of family but stop and pray maybe the 19 minutes but however long it it goes I think the most important thing is that people just pray why is prayer important during a crisis because this is out of our control.

Human beings cannot stop this virus but we have a God who can so proud as important why is it important for churches to come together in times of crisis I’m watching not only this Global surge of Prayer I’m actually seeing a revolution of kindness Breakout.

I think that’s a wonderful in the midst of these really challenging times biblical history, human history shows that times come upon humanity people fall on their knees God intervenes the answers and there is the other side of the heartache and it’s admit people right now experiencing economic pain people suffering physically people died so this moment not nice.

But the Bible tells me that if we calling his name he’ll answer and I don’t believe that God just wants to heal humanity of this condition I believe he wants to heal us of out since they probably wants to come and minister to us and and bring us back to a place where we reprioritized important things of life making Jesus Lord.

Making our neighbour a priority more than our own agendas and our own ego so I see the other side of this if we truly continue to pray we continue to stay in Unity we continue to call on him and trust his work I see the other side of this a church that has relied so long on its structures and it’s it paid Professionals I see the church released where ordinary believers can understand they are all Ministers of the gospel.”

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