COVID-19: Why the Extreme Poor May Be the Hardest Hit

HOFFMAN ESTATES — Bright Hope publishes new, downloadable booklet for churches and Christ-followers to examine the COVID virus from an extreme poverty perspective.

Food Security, health and hygiene, social distancing, and medical care are all vastly different for those living on less than $2.00 a day. The spread of the COVID-19 virus could have devastating results in the remote villages and slums of the world.

“Pandemics disproportionately affect people living in the world’s poorest places” and “Pandemics can also quickly overload the health systems” in places of extreme poverty because they have more limited capacity there, says the Gates Foundation Website.

Bright Hope is a 50-year-old Christian Relief and Development organization, based in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Bright Hope CEO C.H. Dyer says, “If we believe what the Bible has to say about God protecting His followers in Psalms 91 and other scripture passages, then we have no excuse but to act and act decisively to help all people in need, especially those at the bottom of the economic barrel.

This resource is offered free and inspires concerned people to pray and take action to help the poorest people on the planet.

COVID-19 & The Extreme Poor; Why the Poor May be the Hardest Hit, PDF booklet is available now at

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CONTACT: C.H. Dyer, 847-971-4566

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