The Heart of Soul-Winner Gifts Glorious Worship Songs to the Church

ORLANDO — When Reinhard Bonnke was called home, he left a breathtaking legacy characterized by multiplied millions of souls rescued for an eternity in heaven. His tireless evangelistic work, the outgrowth of a rare and all-consuming love for God, enriched heaven beyond comprehension and will resound far beyond the end of time.

Reinhard Bonnke has gifted the church with a number of beautiful worship songs framed around Spirit-filled poetry that he penned over the years.Bonnke’s impact was so explosive and far reaching, that his passage into eternity was keenly felt throughout the body of Christ. Deeply mourned as a highly effective frontline general and incisive soul-winner, he has been eulogized by such Christian luminaries as Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, and both Pat and Gordon Robertson. Renowned evangelist Franklin Graham, President of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, also memorialized him, noting that, “Reinhard Bonnke was a powerful evangelist throughout the world, but particularly on the continent of Africa where his heart burned with compassion for people’s souls.”

In addition to leaving the body of Christ with compelling, Spirit-filled books, CDs, DVDs, and other life-changing resources, Bonnke’s remarkable legacy has taken an unexpected turn. He has gifted the church with a number of beautiful worship songs framed around Spirit-filled poetry that he penned over the years.

“My father, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, is known across the world for his Great Gospel Crusades throughout Africa and his passion to preach Jesus, to those in need of salvation,” explains his daughter, Susanne. “What is not really known is that in the later years of his life he started writing poems and songs.”

Because he was not a musician, however, Bonnke needed to meld his poetic heart cry with people who had the talent to put his fervent, penetrating lyrics to music. To do that, the Lord led him to partner with renowned songwriter and musical arranger, Don Poythress, and tap the vocal gifts of Justin Morgan.

Their first offering is a single released Sunday, May 31 for Pentecost. It was created for churches as a music/lyrics video to sing worldwide. A powerful and enduring worship song titled, “The Glorious Gospel” its impacting lyrics reach into the soul, and overflow with the love and passion that filled Bonnke’s heart. And if, as many suggest, music and lyrics are not what you hear, but what you feel when you hear (or sing) them, it may explain the power of “The Glorious Gospel.” A deeply anointed worship song, it moves Christians to encounter and feel the heart of God for the broken world He gave Jesus to be broken for.

With a decidedly contemporary, yet intensely worshipful style, “The Glorious Gospel,” may be more of a battle-cry of prayer and praise that happens to be set to music than a song. And like the divine imperative it heralds, “The Glorious Gospel” cannot help but bear those who embrace it into a depth of intimacy with God that He longs to share with His people.

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About the Reinhard Bonnke Ministry

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was principally known for his Great Gospel Crusades throughout Africa. The son of a pastor, Reinhard surrendered his life to Jesus at age nine, and heard the call to the African mission field before he was a teenager. He attended Bible College in Wales and was ordained in Germany where he and his wife, Anni, pastored a small church until 1967 when, in obedience to his childhood call, they embarked on missionary life in Africa in the small mountain kingdom of Lesotho. When, in 1974, the Holy Spirit spoke to Reinhard in a recurring dream about “a blood-washed Africa,” he founded Christ for All Nations, becoming the inspiring visionary who always spoke of “plundering hell to populate heaven,” a dedicated preacher who saw “signs following” as the necessary evidence of the power of the Gospel to save, heal, and deliver.

Reinhard Bonnke’s passion for the Gospel endured until the day he passed away. During his over 60 years of ministry he preached it “in season and out of season,” wherever in the world the door opened to him, but Africa always remained his primary call. He loved to thunder “Africa shall be saved!” and these words still echo wherever the name of Reinhard Bonnke is known.

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