16,000 people flee Aleppo, Syria in the midst of a war

Photo by Voice of America News: Henry Ridgwell

At the end of November, 16,000 people fled Aleppo, as the Syrian Civil War between the Syrians and ISIS intensified. This left thousands upon thousands displaced.

According to CNN, “Initial reports indicate that up to 16,000 people have been displaced, many into uncertain and precarious situations. It is likely that thousands more will have no choice but to flee should fighting continue to spread and intensify over the coming days.”

Not only is their war and chaos all around, but there is no food or medicine around for the people.

Reuters explains this situation, “The area had no functioning hospitals left, food stocks were nearly exhausted and it was likely that thousands more people would flee their homes if fighting persisted in the coming days, he (Stephen O’Brian) said in an emailed statement.”

The France foreign minister called for a cease fire so that humanitarian aid can come in and help the civilians.

Middle East Eye reports his statement, “‘More than ever, there is an urgent need for a cessation of hostilities and unhindered access to humanitarian assistance,’ said France’s foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.”

In the meantime, civilians, both Muslim and Christians in the Middle East are facing trauma. Voice of the Martyrs Canada is reaching out to those impacted by the war through coloring therapy.

Denice, part of Voice of the Martyrs Canada explains, “Through this process of grieving or dealing with your trauma and going through the anger, there comes a point that, as believers, we want to bring people to the foot of the cross where they are willing to forgive.”

Please pray for those who have been displaced by the Syrian Civil War, that they would be able to find the peace that only comes through Jesus. Please pray for believers, that they would be able to share Christ’s love with the refugees.

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