2 Million Free Copies of Gospel Literature Arrive in Argentina

Gospel literatureNEW PARIS, Indiana – An entire container load filled with two million gospel booklets, pamphlets, and Gospel literature recently arrived in Argentina. The literature had been requested by an Argentinian pastor. The items had been supplied free of charge to the pastor and his ministry. He told World Missionary Press, the printer and provider, that he estimates that between 300,000 to 400,000 Argentinian people have accepted Christ as a direct result of distributing these tracts and booklets already. He has already asked WMP for more copies.

The pastor recently told WMP some of the stories of how Christians have seen many come to Christ after having been given Gospel literature.

One woman reported thousands having received Christ over years of distributing booklets to hospital patients. Even her husband became a Christian after reading a booklet she had given him. That was over 10 years ago. Ever since, he has worked alongside her sharing the Gospel through the free materials from the ministry of World Missionary Press. Together, they have seen miraculous things happen, like the story of giving a Gospel booklet and praying with a woman dying in a hospital. When they visited just a day later, that woman said she wanted to commit her life to Christ. She knew she was dying. She told them that they had come just in time.

The same pastor has been distributing free copies of the New Testament in Spanish to indigenous people in the country. He reports “about 20,000 people” who have come to Christ from that effort.

Argentina is just a part of the global impact of World Missionary Press. The interdenominational faith ministry was launched in 1961 by Watson and Rose Goodman who had been missionaries to South Africa. Currently, WMP provides free Gospel literature in over 340 languages throughout 210 countries. WMP’s mission is “to spread the Word of God by producing, mailing, and shipping topical Scripture booklets, Bible study booklets, salvation coloring books, and New Testaments for free distribution worldwide.”

According to their website, “WMP does not sell any materials. Everything is given away free.”

The ministry is currently printing an average of 7.5 million Scripture booklets each month. The booklets and other literature are distributed by 36,000 ministry partners around the world.

For its Project India, WMB now prints 14 million Scripture booklets per year with a vision to increase that to a total of 100 million over the next three years.

The late Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, spoke to the power of the printed Gospel message:

“If God were to give me miraculous, superhuman strength to go to every family on earth and preach for an hour about Jesus, or if, on the other hand, He permitted me to take a clear, printed message of salvation to every family on earth, there is no question I would choose the latter. If I were to preach an hour to every family, there is no doubt that some days I’d probably not do the best job, and many families might not understand my message the first time through. But anointed literature has no bad days. It can stay for months or years, speaking over and over until the Holy Spirit penetrates the heart of the reader.”


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