6 Tornados hit San Antonio and Austin


By Mugchee

On Sunday, February 19, six tornados touched down in San Antonio and Austin.

According to KTRK, “At least six tornadoes hit parts of San Antonio and Austin area, damaging dozens of homes but causing no major injuries.”

Not only was there tornadic activity, but also flooding in San Antonio.

Fox 29 San Antonio reports, “Approximately two inches of rain was recorded at the San Antonio International Airport between the hours of 10 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 19 and 6 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 20 as severe thunderstorms moved throughout San Antonio, according to City of San Antonio Emergency Operations Center.”
There were no major injuries or deaths reported, though there were dozens of houses damaged.

MySA explains, “According to San Antonio Fire Department spokesman Woody Woodward, only five San Antonio residents had minor injuries in the storms, even though more than 100 homes were damaged.”

The mayor surveyed the damage and called a state of emergency.

Fox 29 explains that Mayor Ivy Taylor after surveying the damage, “issued a declaration of disaster after four tornadoes touched down in the San Antonio area on Sunday.”
Lutheran Intercity Network Coalition of San Antonio (LINC-SA) works to share Christ’s love with the city of San Antonio. They are looking for basic supplies, such as Bibles and toiletries.

According to LINC, “If you’d like to purchase supplies for LINC, we are ALWAYS in need of the following items: Bibles – Large print, Spanish, regular, study Bibles, etc. Toiletries (travel sized preferred, but any are good) – shampoo – conditioner – soap/body wash – deodorant – toothpaste – toothbrushes – toothbrush cases/holders/covers – washcloths – adult socks – disposable razors (men’s & women’s) – lotion – hand sanitizer – lip balm Kids craft & school supplies – Glue sticks (sticks preferred over bottles) – Construction paper – Crayons – Markers – Etc. Disposable diapers (all sizes), & Office & seminar supplies – Standard sized white copy paper – HP 21/22 printer ink cartridges – Ball point pens – Highlighters”

Please pray for those affected by the tornados in San Antonio and Austin, that they would be able to recover quickly. Also, pray for more people to come to know the Lord through LINC-SA.

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