Pastor in Nicaragua Also Committed to Caring for the Environment

NICARAGUA — Melquisedec Herrera is an evangelical committed pastor in a community in northern Nicaragua. His faith leadership has led him to assume responsibilities on the potable water committee in his locality and to become involved in environmental protection. He has been trained by World Vision in the FECSA methodology (Healthy Family, School, and Community).

Melquisedec Herrera is an evangelical pastor from a rural community in the north of Nicaragua.

His leadership of faith has led him to assume responsibilities in the drinking water committee in his area and to get involved in awareness raising activities on environmental care.

Melquisedec Herrera:

Regarding environmental care, there have been some difficulties, perhaps due to the lack of education, our population.

We are called to serve the needs.

I think this is a very good experience for us as a church and as a pastor to make our community present.

It’s nice to be close to people, to have friendships, to have relationships with people, and to be able to teach them what little one knows, to be able to teach them.

And with very humble people, people put it into practice.

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