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CLINTON, MS – The missionary vision of Presbyterian pastor John Chinchen was as clear to him as ABC. He was called to establish Bible colleges in Africa that would equip and empower new generations of students who would have an impact in their native countries and communities.LiberiaPutting faith into action, the Lord began to move, and the first Christian school under the umbrella of African Bible Colleges (ABC) was opened in Liberia in 1976. The school prospered and grew until it was forced to close 16 years later during the country’s civil war.


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In 1988, eight years prior to the closure of the school in Liberia, ABC opened a second campus 4,000 miles away in Malawi. Africa is a big continent! Representing the kingdom of God, ABC committed to maintaining the highest academic standards, providing the most qualified professors, and developing the finest facilities.

The Malawi campus is comprised of 24 buildings, including six dormitories, staff housing, a dining hall, a modern communications building, a computer lab, a 12,000 volume library, and Malawi’s only sports gymnasium. The school offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in biblical studies with minors in Communications or Christian Education.


The third African Bible College is now open in Uganda, offering a Bible-believing, believer-equipping school for students in Uganda, Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The Uganda university offers a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and Christian Community Leadership as well as post-graduate studies in Business.

Liberia again

ABC Liberia reopened in 2008. That same year, the school received university status from the Liberian Commission of Higher Education. The 22-buildings on the campus include six dormitories, staff housing, dining hall, a 10,000 volume library. Similar to its sister college in Malawi, the campus includes one of only a few sports gymnasiums in the entire country.

Students at the Liberian university may choose from majors in Biblical Studies, Educations, or Mass Communication. Minors are available in those courses of study as well as Christian Ministry, Entrepreneurial Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, and several categories of science.

More than College

The ministry of African Bible College is broader than post-secondary educational institutions.

  • The ABC Christian Academy in Malawi is an international school shaping a generation of African children destined to become change-makers for Christ across the African continent. It is rated as the top international Christian school in Malawi.
  • Radio ABC broadcasts from two stations in Malawi and one each in Liberia and Uganda.
  • ABC TV produces its own local programs along with more than 400 hours of content originating from U.S. radio stations.
  • The African Business Institute is a one-year post-graduate program offered in Malawi and Uganda that prepares graduates to lead in building the economy across the continent.
  • The ABC Mission Hospital has been cited as Malawi’s finest mission hospital. Located in the capital city, it offers a broad array of treatment services, skilled physicians, and first-class equipment and facilities.


A college or university has little value unless its graduates utilize their learning to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

In addition to a slew of pastors and spiritual leaders, ABC graduates are making an impact for Christ in leadership positions with Navigators, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Scripture Union International, Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, Campus Crusade Malawi, World Vision, Save the Orphans, Joy to the World, and others.

Other graduates hold prestigious positions at institutions of higher learning, are leaders in radio and television production and broadcasting, and have roles of significant influence in business, banking, and government.

African Bible Colleges is provably impacting African nations and bearing the fruit of John Chinchen’s vision that began in 1976.

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