Alfa Omega TV – 15 Years of Christian Satellite Broadcasting

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA — On June 11, 2006, Alfa Omega television channel started satellite broadcasting – this is Romaniaʼs first television channel of Christian education and spirituality.

This month, Alfa Omega television channel celebrates 15 years of satellite broadcasting. It is the first Christian channel in Romanian language.

Tudor Pețan, President, Alfa Omega TV:

Back then, there wasnʼt any denominational or religious television channel in Romania and in this part of the world. Without asking for our permission, those from Bucharest started broadcasting in the first morning of June. And 10 days later, more specifically on the Ascension Day that year, on June 11, we officially authorised the television channel and declared its birth in the skies of Romania and the whole of Europe.

The ministryʼs collaborators spoke about the importance of Alfa Omega and the way it supports the Church.

Ilie Popa, Pastor, Romanian Peniel Church – Vienna, Austria:

It is one of the Churchʼs important ministries because it serves in evangelism through media. The Kindgdom of God extends through this ministry. Then, thereʼs the discipleship of new believers and the maturing in faith of local churches, through the approach of a large variety of programmes and resources for the discipleship and growth of the local church.

The Word of God is being spread in Romania and in the entire world through broadcasted news, TV programmes and seminaries.

Dr. Iosif Țon, Professor:

Shortly after they started broadcasting via satellite, I started my teaching series on the Kingdom of God. One of them was titled “The Mystery of the Kingdom of God”, the second one was “Two Kingdoms at War” and the third one, “The Lord Jesus and the Power of the Kingdom of God.”

The TV programmes conducted all these years had a great impact on peopleʼs lives.

Claudiu Lăpădat, Pastor, Holy Trinity Church – Timișoara, Romania:

Watching the programmes, they have been touched by Godʼs presence. They were even healed. Some people received major answers to circumstantial crisis of life. Some people were saved, people that simply said the saving prayer and received Christ in their hearts and were transformed, some people were healed, and some people spiritually matured and received direction for their spiritual life.

Lucian Chiș, Pastor, Aletheia Christian Center – Timișoara, Romania:

I think the programmes produced by Alfa Omega are relevant for our generation, for the needs that Romanians everywhere deal with, for the questions they have. Also, thereʼs a boldness that Alfa Omega has to walk in the spiritual in areas like using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, praying for people, for healing, for deliverance, for the restoration of relationships.

At this aniversary, Alfa Omega TV received messages of blessing.

Samuel Caba, Pastor, River of Revival Church – Arad, Romania:

May God bless you! I want to encourage you to carry on, to believe that you can extend your boundaries and to see an ever increasing number of viewers for your programmes. May the ministry you conduct extend to such an extent that we will hear more and more testimonies.

Mircea Fratuțescu, Senior Pastor, River of Life Church – Constanța, Romania:

May God bless the Alfa Omega TV channel, and all those involved, all the partners, all those who came alongside this media ministry and may God continue to use them to be a real blessing in the lives of all Romanians!

Claudiu Lăpădat, Pastor, Holy Trinity Church – Timișoara, Romania:

May God bless you and fulfill your needs the way He knows to do it!

The verse that became Alfa Omega ministryʼs motto is Zechariah 4:6.

Ilie Popa, Pastor, Romanian Peniel Church – Vienna, Austria:

This will happen not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit – Says the Lord of hosts.

Alfa Omega TV doesnʼt promote any denomination or doctrine, but it is an inter-denominational and interdisciplinary ministry and it addresses to people of all ages and from all social categories.

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