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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – “There are times that bad stuff is going to happen, no matter how much you try and prevent it. It’s what you do afterward that makes a difference.” – excerpt from the opening of the documentary movie, “Triggered.”

All Things Possible is a unique faith-based organization founded by Victor Marx.
Photo by Victor Marx, Facebook

All Things Possible is a unique faith-based organization founded by Victor Marx. Marx is considered “a high risk humanitarian with successful missions to Iraq, Syria, North Africa, and Southeast Asia – many times in non-permissive and high-threat environments, helping orphans and widows.”

Marx has been the victim of and victor over extreme childhood abuse, trauma, drugs, alcohol, and PTSD. Every victory gained in his personal life has been won by a continually growing relationship with Jesus Christ, through whom we are made more than conquerors.

Following his separation from the U.S. Marines, where he had been a weapons instructor and competitive shooter, he founded All Things Possible to nurture soldiers who are experiencing battlefield trauma and incomparable levels of stress. Many of those soldiers have little or no emotional or spiritual guidance. More than a few grew up in the darkness of abuse, fear, and loneliness.

All Things Possible serves thousands of men, women, and children, both military and civilian, by showing them the hope and healing available only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Victor and ATP go to places when people face unprecedented hardships. Victor and his teams are highly skilled in the Sword of the Lord as well as in survival and combat techniques. Victor, himself, is a 7th-degree Black-Belt in Karate/Jiu-Jitsu. He has been officially recognized as “the world’s fastest gun-disarm man.”

ATP is active in Southeast Asia, ministering with compassion to women and girls who are regularly victims of sex trafficking and violence.

There’s an old axiom that says that “truth is the first casualty of war.” That may have been true at one time. Today, however, the first casualty of war is children. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, millions of children have been displaced, orphaned, or both. They immediately become potential prey for the morally depraved. All Things Possible goes into the most dangerous places in the world to reach these children.

ATP offers guidance and counseling to current servicemen and women who suffer from PTSD because their eyes have seen things no human being should ever have to see. Marx and All Things Possible aid these silent sufferers with Biblical guidance and introduce them to Jesus so that the positive changes in their lives last for their entire lives – and for all of eternity.

The All Things Possible website offers general information about PTSD and model prayers for PTSD victims. It also provides links to both civilian and military PTSD treatment centers.

ATP’s mission is exemplified in its statement that “We exist to identify, interrupt, and restore those affected by trauma.”

Victor and ATP are currently working to withdraw a family of eight from Afghanistan. They are former Muslims who have become Christians

You might say that All Things Possible is the Special Ops division of Christian missions.

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