Amid Lockdown Restrictions, UK Drive-in Carol Service Stops the Traffic

ENGLAND — When a church in the North of England decided hosted a drive in carol service at their local supermarket car park they had so many people arrive they had to turn some drivers away; in the midst of increasing lockdown restrictions many churches across the country are using creative venues like these to celebrate the birth of Christ.

As lockdown restrictions force UK churches to find creative ways to share the Christmas message during the festive season, one congregation in the North of England was overwhelmed when they literally had to turn away people from their community drive in carol service.

Last weekend New Life Church in Congleton saw 500 people pull into their local supermarket car park to celebrate Christmas. Full to capacity sadly they were unable to accommodate the additional 50 people who had turned up.

Those joining in from their cars were treated to a brass band leading them in carols as well as Bible readings from local church and civic leaders as well as some drama.

The service concluded with a Gospel message from evangelist and founder of the Message Trust Andy Hawthorne.

So as many churches like these find unique ways to celebrate the birth of Christ in the midst of such challenging times, it’s hoped that many will accept the greatest gift of Jesus this year.

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Sources: Global News Alliance, UK Drive in Carol Service Stops the Traffic

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