An Unfinished Task: Translating The Full Bible for the Ifè People in Togo

ATAKPAMÉ, TOGO — The Ifè people of Togo have had the New Testament in their language since 2009, and it has had a huge impact. But having the full Bible in Ifè is vital to ensure that people have the complete message of God’s word in their language, and so translating work continues.

AkoétéLiteracy Coordinator and Bible Translator:

The dedication of the New Testament was a big celebration. The day the Ifè people were very, very happy. We did the work for 24 years, with many difficulties but at the end there was great joy, everyone was happy because we have the word of God in Ifè.

KomiBible Translation Coordinator:

A great new thing is that thanks to the New Testament, the number of Christians today has grown hugely because they can understand the word of God in their language.

EdohBible Translator:

For an Ifè person, having the Word in their language changes their way of life completely. The church among the Ifè has brought a light.


In the past, the people worshiped idols and there were almost no churches. But there are now churches in nearly all of the Ifè villages.

Pastor KodjoEfoufami Baptist:

When I preach the Ifè New Testament to the people in their language, they show their joy.


It is very important for the Ifè people to have all of the Bible translate into Ifè. That will help our people a lot.

Pastor Kodjo:

This church has grown because I preach in Ifè, and we do everything in Ifè. My only problem now is that I cannot preach from the Old Testament, because it is in French and I cannot read French. I pray that all the Bible can be translated into Ifè one day so that I can use it.


So I await the completion of the whole Bible. The impact will be even greater for the Ifè people, more will belong to the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.


Translation is so important because God wants to communicate with all the people on earth. And God wants to communicate with each person in their own language.

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