Ananias House Offers Peace of God to People in the Middle East

Ananias House is a ministry dedicated to serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel in the Middle East and in North Africa

HOUSTON, TX – Ananias House is a ministry dedicated to serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel in the Middle East and in North Africa. They equip communities with the training and resources to enable the church to be the place for restoration, healing, and hope.

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Although it is not a vision or mission statement as such, Ananias House is driven by their affirmation that:

“The lack of resources should never limit a community from knowing Christ.”

It should be no surprise to anyone that the MENA region is torn with conflict and strife. Most of the region is dangerous by any standard and even more so for followers of Christ.

Six of the ten nations in which persecution of Christians is greatest are in the MENA region. Decades of conflict and instability have created a vacuum of spiritual leadership. This has happened for two reasons.

  1. The death or displacement of many believers as a result of the conflicts
  2. The large numbers of former Muslims who have come to a saving relationship with Christ as a result of the same conflicts

The church grows in community. When communities are ravaged in the MENA region, people flee in every direction. Where they were once communities of believers who gathered together for worship, their former places of worship may be gone, and their ability to gather to worship anywhere at all may be impossible.

Strategic Leadership Training

Pastoral training is at the center of the Ananias House efforts. They help to fill the leadership void by training church leaders in both theology and leadership skills. Integral to both facets is teaching these men how to rightly divide the Word of Truth and how to properly train others in the disciplines of spiritual leadership.

Multitudes of women have become the sole providers for their families. Ananias House has continual programs that empower those women to be the godly, competent, and confident leaders they must now be.

Many children in the MENA region have suffered trauma similar to soldiers with PTSD. It is impossible for these innocents not to be affected. Ananias House equips local Christian teachers with the necessary skills to identify characteristics of childhood trauma. As well, teachers are shown effective techniques to help traumatized children develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Gospel-Centered Resourcing

Ananias House selects potential “Front Line Workers” from among indigenous pastors. These men understand the political and cultural complexities within their own communities. Front Line Workers are strong evangelists who plant and grow churches wherever possible.

Because Christians are treated with disdain and outright persecution, depending on the particular country in which they live, it can be nearly impossible to find safe places to meet. Ananias House helps Front Line Workers locate and acquire new places to worship or repair church structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Ananias House has miraculously been granted a legal permit to print the Bible and other Christian books. They have printed and distributed 22,000 Bibles over the past three years.

As with nearly every other like-minded ministry, Ananias House is committed to Christian education for children and providing nutritious food, medical care, blankets, and other necessities for displaced families.

Pray for the Ananias House organization as they continue to strategically share the Gospel and support local churches and communities across one of the most dangerous regions of the world.

Note: The MENA countries consist of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

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