ASM Smartphone App Coming to India Soon

HOLLAND, Michigan – Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) records and distributes audio Bibles to indigenous people in oral cultures. Because many of these people don’t or can’t read, ASM records the Scriptures in their native languages so they may hear the message of God’s love.

In India alone, where 60 percent of the 1.2 billion people are either oral learners or illiterate, ASM has been able to provide more than 27,000 audio Bibles through their national partners.

JP Sundararajan, Audio Scripture Ministries’ India-Asia Director, has announced a new extension of the audio Bible outreach. Upon learning that India has one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, staff members began to see a potential solution to a longstanding problem.

The problem? To whom does the hearer of an audio Bible go if they have a question about what they have heard?

The answer? ASM has developed a smartphone app that can stream the recorded audio Bible and answer questions submitted by the hearers.

The app will initially be launched exclusively in India where ASM has already recorded the Bible into more than 90 different languages. The beta version will allow users to submit questions verbally. Questions will be collected and responded to by pastors and missionaries in follow-up podcasts.



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