Audio Version of Jesus Film Available in 51 Languages

International (MNN/TWR) – Cru, the U.S. arm of Campus Crusade International produced the original JESUS film in 1979. Nearly 500,000 people have reportedly accepted Christ as a result of watching the film which is now available through the JESUS Film Project® in more than 1,500 different languages.

Cru and TRW (Trans World Radio) have teamed together to create a radio adaption of the movie. The radio version, The Story of Jesus, has begun streaming worldwide in 51 languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, and Swahili on, according to Brandon Neal of the TWR media development team.

Neal said that “A radio adaptation of a movie is not just playing the sound from the movie because you would hear footsteps and other [sounds] that didn’t make any sense. It has narration with it so the listener understands what’s going on. They’re able to follow the story.”

Additionally, many oral cultures depend on verbal communication rather than written. “Someone from an oral culture thinks differently than someone from a [literate] Western culture.”

People in oral cultures in developing countries listen to each other’s stories. Those who are fortunate enough to have one, listen to stories on the radio. The Story of Jesus, including his life, death, and resurrection, is the most powerful, life-changing story these people will ever hear.

The Story of Jesus is available at in English and all other languages into which it has been translated

Sources: MNN, TWR

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