Bibles for the World Partners with AWANA in India

COLORADO SPRINGS – The mission of Bibles For The World is to be a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ and the power of His Word. This means sharing the Good News of God’s love in Christ Jesus by ministering to unreached peoples, to the Church, and to Christian leaders in developing nations, with a strong emphasis on India.

BFTW accomplishes its work in partnership with other ministry partners by strategically distributing Bibles, New Testaments, and portions of scripture; by raising up godly, well-educated children through our affiliated schools both in Northeast India and in Delhi’ and by networking and encouraging Indian churches and national Christian leaders for greater effectiveness.

Recently, BFTW began looking for a more effective way to reach families in remote villages.

Because the education of their children is a priority, BFTW would construct small schoolhouses in those villages, educate the children, and build relationships with their parents. Much as Gospel for Asia (GFA) has done since pioneering the Revolution in World Missions and the establishment of Bridges of Hope, this method demonstrates the love of Jesus and opens hearts to the Gospel message.

BFTW was able to plant 35 new churches in India within a two-year period using this method. However, the parents’ demands for the education of their children have changed. They have begun insisting on brick-and-mortar buildings, a teacher for every class, and that all teachers be college graduates. John Pudaite, President and CEO of BFTW explained, “These demands are very difficult to meet as a ministry, and they must be met before the community will give up land to build a school on.”

BFTW found the answer by partnering with Awana. Using the resources of ZimSam Global and 300 indigenous churches, BFTW plans to begin the first phase of Awana training and implementation before the end of 2018. Using the same strategic approach of building relationships with the children and gaining the trust of their parents to open their hearts to the Gospel and open the way to planting churches in their villages.

Awana is not “a foreigner” to South Asia. The program currently reaches nearly a million children in six countries in South Asia in partnership with more than 14,000 churches, providing children with a meaningful and fun place to participate and learn about the love of Jesus.


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