Biblical Worldview in Decline Among Christians in America

GLENDALE, AZ – A disturbing report from the nascent Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University reveals a marked decline among Christians in America who hold to a biblical worldview.

Description of the Study

A disturbing report from Arizona Christian University reveals a decline among Christians in America who hold to a biblical worldview.The American Worldview Inventory is the initial annual survey conducted by the CRC under the guidance of renowned researcher Dr. George Barna. According to the Arizona Christian University website, “CRC was formed … to produce credible research and analysis to show the transformational impact of the biblical worldview on American culture.”

The nationwide survey was comprised of 68 questions posed to a representative sampling of 2,000 adults.

The report overview explained, “worldview is the intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual filter through which a person sees and responds to the world.”

“Because your worldview affects every decision you make, worldview also affects every area of influence in American culture, such as education, the family, religion and faith, government and politics, arts and entertainment, news and information media, and business and commerce.”

Disturbing Results

The number of Americans who hold a biblical worldview is at an all-time low. It has, in fact, declined by 50% over the past 25 years. Those most likely to hold a biblical worldview are those who believe that the Bible is completely and verbally inspired and is the inerrant Word of God. The survey found a biblical worldview is held by only

  • 21% of Americans who attend evangelical Protestant churches,
  • 16% of those attending charismatic or Pentecostal churches,
  • 8% of adherents of mainline Protestant denominations,
  • 2% of Americans between 18 and 29 years of age, and
  • 1% of Catholics

Perhaps most disturbing is that 70% of Americans refer to themselves as Christians, but only 6% ascribe to a biblical worldview. Barna commented that “The fact that fewer than one out of five born-again adults hold a biblical worldview highlights the extensive decline of core Christian principles in America.”

Drilling Down

The CRC describes “Notional Christians” as those who are so in name only. That is, they “do not embrace eternal salvation through a personal confession of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.” Notional Christians comprise 54% of the U.S. adult population. Only 0.1% of these people have a biblical worldview. (See Matthew 7:21-23)

By comparison, 19% of professing born-again Christians believe and practice a biblical worldview. That percentage may appear impressive compared to notional Christians. In reality, it underscores the serious decline in the spiritual decline in a country founded on Christian principles. All truly born-again Christians should, by implication, be Christ-followers, which means that they are keenly aware of and possess a biblical worldview.

Disaster in the Making

Dr. Tracy Munsil, the Executive Director of the CRC, explained the potential disaster revealed by the survey findings.

“Unless America experiences a steady increase in people reflecting a biblical worldview in their lives, America’s future is more likely to resemble that of nations characterized by moral and behavioral chaos … It took roughly half a century for America to lose its Christian moorings, and it will take at least that long to restore them. There needs to be a sense of urgency about initiating that recovery immediately. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to successfully reintroduce biblical truth to a doubting population.”

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