Brazil passes law to get out of recession

Waterfall in Brazil
Photo By Tiago Fioreze – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

In December of 2016, the Brazilian government made a law called the austerity law. The point of the law is to help get Brazil out of the recession they’ve been in.

CNN explains, “Brazilian President Michael Temer — who assumed office in late August — praised the move, referring to the bill as the ‘first amendment aimed at getting the country out of recession.’”

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the austerity law. Many Brazilians are protesting, because of the lack of funding in social programs.

According to the New York Times, “Evoking some of the fierce protests that have rattled the country in recent years, demonstrators attacked the iconic headquarters of the Federation of Industries in São Paulo, smashing the building’s windows before being dispersed by security guards.”

Despite the protests, the economy is getting better by the day.

VOX reports, “As far as inspiring faith from investors, the amendment seems to be working. Brazil’s currency and stocks rose in December in part because of the passage of the measure.”

There is a lot of mission work to be done in Brazil still, even though they are a big sending country.

Baptist International Missions, Inc. explains, “The Brazilian people are a very warm hearted people and very open to the Gospel. Listen to the prayer of national Christians and missionaries alike: ‘Lord, please raise up more Christians to come and help us!’ Would you, dear reader, be willing to offer yourself to the Lord to go to Brazil?”

Please pray for Christians to be lights for all those in Brazil who don’t know the Lord and are facing hard times

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