Bridge of Hope Students, Missionaries, Pastors, Locals Rally to Help Kerala

As the people of Kerala recover in the aftermath of the worst flooding in nearly 100 years, the reality of devastation is beginning to sink in—and so is the need to repair, rebuild and start over again. Many flood survivors in this southern Indian state have lost all their belongings—including their means to earn a living.

One flood survivor, Damyanti, was in a relief camp for four days.

“We could not take anything from our house,” she said. “When we left the house, we were empty-handed. We did not take any house items or clothes. We do not have even an extra pair of clothes to change now. Our cow and sheep also died in the flood. We are in a difficult situation.”

Like Damyanti, Jahangir and his family have lost their means of income and their home.

“We had a small stationary shop nearby our house,” Jahangir said with tears. “We were able to meet our needs with the income we got from that shop. Now, the shop and the items inside the shop are destroyed. Our house is also damaged. The agriculture land is also under water now.”

More Help on the Way

Even though things presently look bleak for Kerala, as many are left jobless and homeless, in addition to the ongoing relief efforts, more help is on the way.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors serving across India and their congregations, along with Sisters of Compassion and Bridge of Hope staff and students, are raising funds and sending supplies to Kerala.

Some Bridge of Hope students located in West Bengal held a banner with the words “Help Kerala” written on it. They and local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers were able to raise funds from the villages and communities they rallied in.

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In response to the rally, one villager said, “It is very good initiative to raise the funds for Kerala flood relief work, as they are really in need of our help.”

A local church in Kerala, led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, was able to help 82 families with relief packets. The relief packets contained items like mats, buckets, mugs, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap to help families with basic necessities.

Helpers in Punjab donated 6.5 tons of wheat; a shipment of 10 tons of rice and another 2 tons of wheat is on its way to Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers in Kerala. In Hyderabad, India, people are sending more than 2,000 clothing items for children, and in Odisha 1,000 sleeping mats have been donated for flood survivors.

Threat of Leptospirosis Rapidly Spreading to Flood Survivors

As the waters have receded and some standing waters remain, the biggest scare in Kerala right now is an outbreak of a disease called leptospirosis . This disease is caused by bacteria that is carried through the urine of animals. There have already been several cases of this disease in Kerala since the flooding, and many doctors fear an epidemic due to all the contaminated mud and water. Dr. Daniel Johnson, director of Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported medical ministry in Asia, is asking everyone to pray this sickness does not continue.

Please Pray:

  • Please pray leptospirosis will not spread and cause an epidemic.
  • Pray for flood survivors to be able to rebuild their homes and recover sources of income for themselves.
  • Pray for ongoing relief and fundraising efforts to be successful.
  • Pray many families will get the help they need in a timely and effective manner.

To read more on the GFA-supported relief efforts in Kerala, India, go here.

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