Bringing a New Song to Romania

ROMANIA — Philadelphia Church in Baia Mare in Romania is concerned with fulfilling the mandate that the Lord Jesus Christ left to the apostles, but also to Christians today, namely to preach the Gospel, to heal the sick and to set free the demonized.Another dimension that is emphasized is praise and worship, according to pastor Valer Paul. Their mission of bringing a new song to Romania is put into practice by the church’s worship leaders.

The main concern of the Philadelphia Church in Baia Mare is praise and worship, both in the church and the families, as well as in the whole country. Pastor Valer Paul states that the dimension of worship within the church is one of the main directions given to them by the Holy Spirit when they planted the church.

Pastor Valer Paul:

When we planted the church, the Holy Spirit called us to a new sound, a Romanian worship song, which was very shocking for many who said that we, Romanians, cannot write songs, we can only translate. My heart cried then and said: ” Lord, this can’t be. Can’t we, really? We can write manele and all the other nonsense, but we cannot write a worship song?” And the Holy Spirit said: ” I challenge you to do this, and I’m going to give you resources.” We thank God that, in His faithfulness, many worship songs have come out of this church through the people God has raised up in worship. It is an extraordinary thing.

Man 1:

A victory flag! It was very important what we say over our country, over our cities and the people around us. That is why we chose to declare that Jesus is Lord, Jesus is King, and He reigns over my country, over Romania. That’s what we want to see: Him reigning, manifesting His presence and glory over our land. I believe that, as Christians, it is very important what we say. That is what the Bible says too.

The worship leaders of the church are musically trained people, but more than that, they have made it a priority to be close to God and to be sanctified too. They understand that the music from God is meant to bring deliverance.

Man 2:

I remember the first time I started working with Him, as a worshiper, He told me very clearly: “I don’t need your talent, but a worshiper’s heart and a pure character.” When He told me these things, I went home and started to reorient myself a little. I used to think that, if I’m talented, whatever I lay my hands on, that’s it, I’m the best. It wasn’t so, therefore, I had to reconsider all things.

Man 3:

When we talk about worship, we don’t always have to talk about music. We need to talk about an attitude towards God’s presence and how you respond to God’s presence. The greatest growth in my life came from my connection with God.

Last, but not least, Philadelphia Church from Baia Mare started a tour, going to all the churches in Romania, and aiming to bring a new song.

Man 3:

Philadelphia Church Tours, “Worship for the Nation”, are not just a trip, but it is the way we respond to God’s call. Our pastor, Vali Paul, received this vision and this challenge from God to take a new sound beyond the walls of the church. When we tour, we do it in a practical way. We take beyond the walls of the church the new sound that God has given us and share it with the Body of Christ all over the country.


We only have one worship team. In fact, we have a worshiping church. We have a worship team that serves. Just think that we are already planting churches. Today, for example, two of us worship leaders went to these new churches we are planting, to help with the worship, to lead the worship. We tour because we want to promote and bring forward… God gave us a song to take to the nation. It is not normal to keep it here, within our walls, to lock it up. Worship for the nation…

Man 3:

Your message must resonate with the heart of the people you serve. If I would take this message to Congo or Uganda, it might not resonate as well with the hearts of the people there. God made us feel the heart of Romanians. I think we are welcomed wherever Romanians are gathered in God’s name, so we can bring forth this worship.

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