C.U.R.E. Niger Hospital Celebrates 7 Years

CURE Niger Hospital

NIGER – CURE International’s pediatric hospital recently celebrated its seventh year of operations in the African nation of Niger, a country twice as large as the state of Texas.

Seven years ago, the ground upon which the CURE hospital now stands was a garbage dump. In 2017 alone, CURE physicians conducted life-saving surgeries on more than 800 children.

Current and previous patients, hospital staff, and government dignitaries attended the event during which visitors were given tours of the facility and encourage to visit with the staff to learn more about the services the hospital offers.. A young patient name Djamila stole the spotlight from the speeches and presentations of regional and national dignitaries as she shared her personal story of how the hospital has restored to her the use of her legs.

CURE operates hospitals and healthcare programs in 29 countries. Since its founding in 1996 CURE physicians have performed surgical procedures for more than 175,000 children. CURE specializes in treating cases of hydrocephalus, club good, cleft lips, burns, and bowed legs.

In perspective, CURE has “seen God move in the lives of our patients, their families, and their communities and have had the opportunity to witness more than 169,000 expressions of faith in Jesus Christ.”


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