Challenge to Islam’s status as Bangladesh’s state religion rejected

Mosque in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s High Court on March 27, 2016, rejected a 28-year-old petition to remove Islam from the constitution as the nation’s official religion.

The constitutional challenge followed repeated attacks on non-Muslims by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh, the world’s third largest Muslim-majority nation.

ISIS recently claimed responsibility for the murder of a Christian convert in northern Bangladesh, according to a US-based monitoring group. Police said at least two attackers with sharp weapons killed 68-year-old Hossain Ali, who converted to Christianity from Islam in 1999. Like previous victims of al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent, the ISIS victim was hacked to death on a city street. The similar mode of operation comes as ISIS is trying to muscle in on al-Qaeda territory in the region.

Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) leader Bruce Allen has encouraged Bangladeshi Christian leaders to “look down the road to see where your culture’s heading.”

Pray for God’s protection of Bangladeshi Christians.

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